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Main Street Arkansas Update - December 15, 2008

If you’re looking for a roommate for the upcoming National Main Streets Conference, please let one of us know.


DECEMBER 31, 2008: LETTER OF AGREEMENT DUE (Main Street Towns)

Main Street Arkansas Calendar December 15-19, 2008
Greg – out all week, annual leave
MONDAY Mark & Susan – Rogers
TUESDAY Mark - Searcy

MSA Receives AR Humanities Council Grant
MSA Henry Award Finalist
Good Main Street Harrison Press
Heritage Months Grants (due today)
Non-Profits Contribute $8 billion to AR Economy
Specific Volunteer Recruitment Opportunity
Vacant Building Legislation Discussed – with preservation components
Free Book – Century of the City
N. Virginia Battles Sprawl – NPR coverage

MSA Receives Arkansas Humanities Council Grant

Last Wednesday, we received notice of our award of a $14,700 Humanities Council grant. The credit goes to Caroline, who authored and will administer the grant. It’s for a project entitled Main Street in Black and White. Caroline will research and compile three traveling exhibits for the towns of Batesville, Blytheville and Texarkana. The exhibits are displays of reprinted historic photographs of downtown scenes & buildings during their heydays, accompanied by historical narratives. It will be a collaborative project—within the AHPP and lots of work with local history collections and museums and Main Street boards. But the exhibits will reach out to people who are not necessarily museum goers. She hopes to show them in nontraditional public spaces to lure people to their historic downtowns

MSA Finalist for Henry Award
We received notice Friday that we are a finalist for the 2009 Tourism Henry Awards in the Arkansas Heritage category. We are honored. It’s stiff competition. Also nominated is the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center, the Quapaw Bathhouse in Hot Springs & the Hotel Seville in Harrison.
Other nominees who are constituents include:
* Collins Theater, Downtown Paragould (Bootstrap Award)
* Christmas Carriage Tours, West Memphis (Community Tourism Development)
* Eureka Springs Mayor’s Tourism Taskforce (Community Tourism Development)
* Cathy & Earnest Cunningham, Helena (Special Achievement)
* RHDI & Beth Wiedower (Special Achievement)

I attended one of the recent Arkansas Economic Development Commission’s grant workshops. AEDC reminded us that CDBG grants close March 31, 2009 and that downtown revitalization is tagged as one of their ‘innovative’ categories for non-entitlement cities. Up to $50,000 is available. Details here:

as a reminder, you can download a white paper on how CDBG can be used in downtown revitalization at:

They advised that they won’t score, but will review early applications.

Good Main Street Harrison Press:

Heritage Month Grants
Applications for DAH Heritage Month grants are due today, December 15!

Nonprofits in Arkansas contributed $8 billion to economy, report says

Download the report at:

from the Division of Volunteerism:
Specific Volunteer Recruitment Opportunity:
I have been invited to do a show on Channel 4's early show in January. Tracy Douglass will be interviewing me regarding volunteer opportunities because a survey has shown that volunteering is on the top 10 New Year's Resolution list. If you would like me to mention your program and volunteer opportunities please email me at and give me the following:

* Name of your program
* Specific volunteer opportunities you have available - not just the title but a very brief summary of the work the volunteer does

She need your input by this week. Thanks!


The problem of vacant buildings in urban areas reached a boiling point earlier this year, but increased Congressional interest did not result in new legislation in the 110th Congress. The 111th Congress will have an opportunity, early on, to reconsider the issue.

Congressman Tim Ryan’s (D-OH) is now in the process of drafting vacant buildings legislation that would support historic preservation efforts in cities nationwide, though program funds would also be used for demolition of vacant properties. The draft clearly states that demolition of properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places or any property designated under state or local law unless designation is waived by historic preservation officials after public review.

His office is seeking input from the grassroots on “The Renaissance Communities Act of 2009.” The Act sets up a demonstration program focused on areas with at least 10% population loss since 1980. Adaptive reuse of “architectural, historically or culturally significant properties is an eligible expense.

The draft legislation does not proscribe how much funding would be authorized for this program.

A PDF version of the draft legislation is available here:

Comments on the program draft should be directed to Steve Cerny in Congressman Ryan’s office:

In our on going Sustainability efforts:
Eco Font
The prints we make for our 'daily use' not only use paper, but also ink. Lots of ink! According to SPRANQ creative communications (Utrecht, The Netherlands) this is partly unnecessary. Based on a hunch of Colin Willems, SPRANQ therefore developed a new font: the Ecofont.

"After the Dutch holey cheese, there now is a Dutch font with holes as well."
Most appealing ideas are simple: how much of a letter can be removed while maintaining readability? After extensive testing with all kinds of shapes, the best results were achieved using small circles. After lots of late hours (and coffee) this resulted in a font that uses up to 20% less ink. Free to download, free to use.
Once you have downloaded Ecofont you can install the font into your local fonts folder. The Ecofont is based on an Open Source font and is free to use. If you no longer want to use the Ecofont, you can remove it from your fonts folder without any problems. Please note: The font is called Spranq_eco_sans_regular.ttf.

"Century of the City" Is Published – Cost-Free Copies Available
This new book, just published by the Rockefeller Foundation, is available on request. Written by Citistates Associates Neal Peirce, Curtis Johnson and Farley Peters, it's based on a landmark "Global Urban Summit" which the Rockefeller Foundation sponsored.

Planetizen -- the premier website on planning issues -- has just recognized the book as one of the 10 best planning books for 2009.

Copies of the book are available, cost-free, to interested readers: email and include "Century of the City" in the Subject line of the email form. There is no charge for the books; however, the Rockefeller Foundation can offer only two copies per request.

Northern Virginia Battles Sprawl
If you missed December 10th “All Things Considered” segment on the efforts to remake Tysons Corner, in suburban Washington, D.C., from a pedestrians’ nightmare into a “walkable urban” area, you might spend a few minutes with it today. Walking in Tysons Corner is not for the fainthearted. But how do you rebuild a place designed for drivers and parkers into a one for joggers and baby strollers? Not easily, as the segment makes clear.

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Main Street Arkansas Update - December 8, 2008

If you’re looking for a roommate for the upcoming National Main Streets Conference, please let one of us know.


DECEMBER 31, 2008: LETTER OF AGREEMENT DUE (Main Street Towns)

Main Street Arkansas Calendar December 8-12, 2008

MONDAY Caroline – Harrison;
TUESDAY Susan – out p.m.
WEDNESDAY Cary – LR (AR Community Development Society Meeting); Mark – Dumas; Nancy, annual
THURSDAY Nancy, annual; Cary & Caroline – Federal Reserve Seminar on Community Development
FRIDAY Nancy & Greg, annual

Walnut Ridge’s Harthorn Named Woman of Year for Downtown Network Efforts
Helena Downtown Master Plan
$28 Million Hotel Planned for Argenta
UAFS May Locate Dorm Downtown
3 Grant Opportunities
National Scenic Byways Accepting Nominations for Possible Road Designation
Give Your City A Unique Look – Square Traffic Lights
The One Page Business Plan
6 Things Every Board Member Should Know About the New 990

Walnut Ridge Woman of the Year, Harthorn, Named for Role in Downtown Network Efforts

Cathy Harthorn, one of the leaders of the Downtown Walnut Ridge organization selected as Lawrence County Woman of the Year for her efforts in joining the Arkansas Downtown Network.

Download the Downtown Helena/West Helena Master Plan (pdf document)

$28 Million Hotel Planned For Argenta

UAFS May Locate Dorm Downtown

Grants Promote Environmental Consensus in Rural America
Laura Jane Musser Fund: Environmental Initiative Program
The Laura Jane Musser Fund's Environmental Initiative encourages rural communities throughout the United States to use a consensus-based approach to environmental decision-making. Under this initiative, grants are provided through two distinct programs. The Environmental Stewardship Program supports projects that manage resources of ecological, economic, or aesthetic value, and that include a broad range of community members and stakeholders involved in both the planning and implementation of the project. The Environmental Dispute Resolution Program supports projects that engage in a collaborative process in order to build consensus instead of confrontation, so parties may resolve a conflict and move forward without resorting to litigation. The application deadline for both programs is February 18, 2009. Visit the website listed above for application guidelines.

Interpreting America's Historic Places: Planning Grants

Interpreting America's Historic Places: Implementation Grants

National Scenic Byways Accepting Nominations
The Federal Highway Administration’s National Scenic Byways program is accepting nominations for roads for possible designation as a National Scenic Byway or an All-American Road. Deadline: December 17.

Give Your City a Unique Look – Square Traffic Lights

The One-Page Business Plan
(yes, I just linked to I’m surprised too)

Six Things Every Board Member Should Know About the New 990

Monday, December 1, 2008

Main Street Arkansas Update - December 1, 2008

If you’re looking for a roommate for the upcoming National Main Streets Conference, please let one of us know.


DECEMBER 31, 2008: LETTER OF AGREEMENT DUE (Main Street Towns)

Main Street Arkansas Calendar December 1-5, 2008

MONDAY Greg – out a.m., Mark, out a.m.
TUESDAY Cary, Caroline, Mark – AEDC grant training, Lonoke; Greg, out; Nancy, out a.m.
WEDNESDAY Caroline & Greg, Benton; Mark & Susan – Blytheville
THURSDAY Cary – LR/training; Susan - DeWitt
FRIDAY Caroline – Ozark (with Rhea, Preserve America Agent); Cary & Greg – out

Fire in Downtown Batesville
Excellent MSWM Press (Branding Highlighted)
Eureka Press
What Happens When A Big Box Retailer Moves?
7 Grant Opportunities
Arkansas Ranked 48th in New Economy Index

Fire in Downtown Batesville:

Excellent MSWM Press:
- this is a direct result of the branding visit recently conducted. I’ll be sending a DVD of the branding presentation & product to Main Street & Network towns soon as I think this is something most of you should consider.
Eureka Springs Press:

For Sale: 20,000 Square Feet Box – What Happens When A Big Box Retailer Moves or Goes Out of Business
Be sure and read the slide show essay. I particularly enjoyed the Spam Museum

The 1772 Foundation will be accepting new letters of inquiry after January 1. The Foundation funds a wide range of historic preservation projects and educational activities. For more information visit the website

Once again we are seeking rural nonprofit institutions or local governments to produce Your Town workshops in 2009. We can award four new contracts next year. Communities that are working on specific design issues, updating comprehensive plans, trying to revitalize their downtowns, or trying to manage growth should consider applying. The proposal format is straightforward, and proposals are due on December 12th. To download the RFP, go to our website, and click on the RFP notice in the left-hand column.
National Endowment for the Arts 2009 Grant Deadlines / Guidelines will be available at in early January.

Access to Artistic Excellence: To encourage and support artistic excellence, preserve our cultural heritage, and provide access to the arts for all Americans. An organization may request a grant amount from $5,000 to $150,000. (Deadlines: early March and Au¬gust, 2009).

Challenge America: Reaching • Every Community Fast-Track Review Grants: To support projects that extend the reach of the arts to underserved populations. Grants are for $10,000. (Dead¬line: late May, 2009).

Learning in the Arts for Children and Youth: To advance arts education for children and youth in school-based or community-based settings. An organization may request a grant amount from $5,000 to $150,000. (Deadline: early June, 2009).

Fiskars' Project Orange Thumb to Support Garden Programs

Deadline: February 17, 2009

Launched in 2003, Fiskars' Project Orange Thumb has awarded grants totaling more than $300,000 to over a hundred community groups, schools, churches, and other organizations for their garden programs.

This year, the program will award grants to twenty organizations in the United States and Canada. Each grantee will receive up to $1,500 in Fiskars garden tools and up to $800 in gardening-related materials (i.e. green goods). Four grants will also be awarded to groups in Australia. Each of those recipients will receive up to $1,000 in Fiskars Tools and up to $1,000 in gardening-related materials.

Gardens and/or gardening projects geared toward community involvement, neighborhood beautification, sustainable agriculture, and/or horticultural education are eligible. Community garden groups as well as schools, youth groups, community centers, camps, clubs,
and treatment facilities are all encouraged to apply. Only group applications will be considered; single individuals are not eligible for a Project Orange Thumb grant.

For complete program information and application, visit the project's Web site.

Grants Address Systemic Problems
Support for Surdna Foundation
The Surdna Foundation is interested in fostering entrepreneurial programs throughout the U.S. that offer viable solutions to difficult systemic problems. The Foundation primarily provides grants to nonprofit organizations through the following program areas. The Effective Citizenry program encourages young people to take direct action to solve problems in their schools, neighborhoods, and the larger society. The goals of the Environment program are to stabilize climate change, improve transportation systems, and safeguard U.S. domestic oceans. The Arts program supports the artistic advancement of teens and seeks to strengthen the quality of art education. The purpose of the Nonprofit Sector Support program is to enhance the ability of the nonprofit sector to advance a just and democratic civil society. The Community Revitalization program works in select U.S. cities to support efforts to create environmentally sustainable, mixed-income communities. Letters of inquiry in most program areas are accepted throughout the year. Visit the website listed above for details on the Foundation's grant programs and the letter of inquiry process.

Funds for Company Communities in the U.S. and Canada
State Farm Companies Grants Program

The State Farm Companies Grants Program is committed to meeting the needs of company communities in the U.S. and Canada. Grants are provided in the following three distinct priority areas. The Safe Neighbors category focuses on driving safety, home protection, disaster preparedness, and personal financial security. The emphasis of the Strong Neighborhoods category is on affordable housing, homeownership issues, and sustainable communities. The K-12 Public Schools category targets teacher quality, service-learning programs, and educational reform. Requests may be submitted throughout the year. Application guidelines and local contact information are available on the State Farm website listed above.

Arkansas Ranked 48th in The New Economy Index
States at the top of the list tend to have a high concentration of workers in “knowledge jobs” that require at least a two-year college degree, are at the forefront of the information technology and Internet revolutions and have institutions and residents that embrace the digital economy, the report said. The groups used 29 indicators to rank each state on how well its economy is structured to compete regionally, as well as globally.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Main Street Arkansas Update - November 24, 2008


DECEMBER 31, 2008: LETTER OF AGREEMENT DUE (Main Street Towns)

Main Street Arkansas Calendar November 24 - 28, 2008

MONDAY Nancy, Russellville
TUESDAY Caroline, Mark, Greg – annual leave
WEDNESDAY Cary, Caroline, Mark – annual leave
THURSDAY closed - Thanksgiving
FRIDAY closed - Thanksgiving

Preservation Today TV
Follow-Up From the Recent NTHP Conference
Texarkana Press
Cy Sutherland’s Passing
Lawmakers Propose Grant Program for Scenic Trails, Improvement Districts
AHPP Grant Workshop
Preserve America News
Main Street Center Update
Is the Mall Dead?
3 Grant Opportunities
Community Development Workshop
2008 Arkansas Small Business Profile
Preservation Today TV

Preservation Today is dedicated to inspiring connections to heritage values through new media. Visit our shownotes site at

Follow-Up From the Recent National Trust Conference
 You can listen to the plenary talks and special lectures from Tulsa online. Visit to hear what you missed, or hear again what you loved.
 There are more than 40 handouts from sessions now available online, and more are being added daily. Visit to download the ones you want to have.
 Session proposal submission is open for the National Preservation Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, October 13 - 17, 2009. For more information, or to submit a proposal for a session, visit

Texarkana Press:

Cyrus Sutherland, Professor Emeritus of Architecture and Preservationist, Dies at 88

Lawmakers propose grant program for scenic trails, improvement districts

If your program or town is interested in an HPRG grant, you should plan on attending


The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program will hold a grant-writing workshop from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesday, January 13, 2009, at the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center at 501 W. 9th St. in Little Rock for people interested in applying for the agency’s County Courthouse Restoration of Historic Preservation Restoration grant programs, AHPP Director Frances McSwain announced today.
Admission is free, but reservations must be made by Tuesday, January 6, by calling Joia Burton at (501) 324-9883 or sending e-mail to .
The AHPP’s grant programs to be covered in the workshop are:
• County Courthouse Restoration Subgrants, which are financed through Real Estate Transfer Tax funds distributed by the Arkansas Natural and Cultural Resources Council for rehabilitation of historic county courthouses across Arkansas
• Historic Preservation Restoration Grants, which distribute funds raised through the Real Estate Transfer Tax to rehabilitate buildings that are listed on the Arkansas or National Registers of Historic Places and owned by local governments or not-for-profit organizations


The Preserve America and Save America's Treasures programs will not be authorized this Congress. The lame duck session did not provide enough time to overcome procedural objections to an omnibus public lands bill that included the legislation. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has been quoted as saying that "we're better off waiting until we come back." He said the bill would be taken up in January when the Senate returns.

Tom Coburn (R-OK), the bill's primary opponent, threatened a filibuster -- reading the bill in its entirety to delay or prevent action. According to Senator Reid, the bill would take 24 hours or more to read in full.

The authorizing legislation, originally H.R. 3981/S.2262 had significant bipartisan support. 58 Representatives and 8 Senators cosponsored the bill prior to its being folded into the lands omnibus.

Share your Promotion Success Stories!
Every downtown markets itself but why are some campaigns more successful. How do you maximize promotion dollars on untested ideas? We'd like to hear your most successful promotions to share in next month's issue of the member e-Update.
Respond to our survey here.

Featured Benefit - Secure Online Contribution Pages
Make it easier for your constituents to support your organization. With secure online contribution pages donors can contribute to your organization from the comfort of their home or office. The National Trust can host contribution pages on our secure website and you can link to our secure online contribution pages through your web page free of charge.
Contact for more information.

Is the Mall Dead?

Seed Money for Community News Ventures
New Voices
New Voices, administered by J-Lab and supported by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, is a pioneering program to seed innovative community news ventures in the United States. Projects can produce news and information for a geographic area such as a small town, city, county, state, or region, or they can serve a community of interest. Funding is available for print or electronic news initiatives, including online, cable, broadcast, narrowcast, satellite, and mobile efforts. Grantees will receive $17,000 the first year and may apply for $8,000 in matching funds in the second year. Nonprofit organizations and education institutions, including public broadcasters, independent media, and colleges and universities, are eligible to apply. Of the eight projects to be funded in 2009, at least three grants are targeted for news initiatives in Knight Foundation communities. Applications must be submitted by February 12, 2009. Visit the New Voices website to review the 2009 Request for Proposals.

NEH’s America’s Historical and Cultural Organizations Implementation Grants Grant

America’s Historical and Cultural Organizations implementation grants support traveling or long-term museum exhibitions, library-based projects, interpretation of historic places or areas, interpretive Web sites, or other project formats that creatively engage audiences in exploring humanities ideas and questions. Applications for panel exhibitions are accepted only from organizations other than museums, such as libraries or library systems.

America's Historical and Cultural Organizations Planning Grants

Dec. 11, 2008 | 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Achieving Extraordinary Results in Ordinary Communities
The Peabody Little Rock Hotel
3 Statehouse Plaza
Little Rock, AR 72201
In communities across the country, ordinary people are doing extraordinary things in community development, often because of one enthusiastic person who steps up to make things happen. These leaders have the ability to galvanize others to accomplish solutions to problems and to move their communities forward.
Vaughn Grisham, director of the McLean Institute for Community Development and a professor of sociology at the University of Mississippi, has studied the dynamics of these communities. In this event sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, he will discuss what he has learned and the tools communities need to create positive change from within. Grisham’s delightful storytelling ability will bring community development best practices to life for the audience.
A reception will follow Grisham’s talk.
Register online by Dec. 5. You may also register by calling Julie Kerr at 501-324-8296 or by sending her an e-mail at

2008 Arkansas Small Business Profile


Monday, November 17, 2008

Main Street Arkansas Update - November 17, 2008


DECEMBER 31, 2008: LETTER OF AGREEMENT DUE (Main Street Towns)

Main Street Arkansas Calendar November 10-14, 2008

MONDAY Susan – Blytheville
TUESDAY Susan – Blytheville/Helena
THURSDAY Mark, Susan, Greg – Siloam Springs; Nancy – West Memphis
FRIDAY Greg – annual leave

Batesville & Harrison Press
IRS 990 Updates
4 Grant Opportunities
Design As Activism
Esquire Endorses Little Rock (But Doesn’t Tell Anyone)
Good Main Street Batesville Press:

Good Main Street Harrison Press:

IRS Updates, November 2008: Mini-Courses on the New 990 and a Colleges and Universities Project
Last month, the IRS launched on-line mini-courses on the new 990 and kicked off a colleges and universities compliance review.
New 990 Mini-Courses
The IRS has added five mini-courses to its on-line training site for exempt organizations:
• Preparing to File the New Form 990—Overview of changes to the form and tips on getting ready to file it
• The Redesigned Form 990, Part I—General instructions for completing the form and walk-through of the heading and financial sections
• The Redesigned Form 990, Part II—Walk-through of the accomplishments, compliance, and compensation sections
• The Redesigned Form 990, Part III—Walk-through of the governance, management, disclosure, and summary sections; the checklist of required schedules; and Schedule A
• The Redesigned Form 990, Part IV—Walk-through of Schedules C, F, G, I, M, and R

The courses are available to all at no charge. You can access each from,,id=166625,00.html or the bottom of

Preservation Programs Supported Worldwide
Tourism Cares

Tourism Cares is a nonprofit organization, funded primarily by the tourism industry, that is dedicated to preserving the travel experience for future generations. The Tourism Cares Worldwide Grant Program provides grants to tourism-related nonprofit organizations throughout the world. Primary consideration is given to projects that focus on capital improvements that conserve, preserve, or restore sites of exceptional cultural, historic, or natural significance. An additional focus area is the education of local host communities and the traveling public about the preservation of exceptional sites. The program strives for a balanced distribution of grants to U.S. and non-U.S. organizations. The first of three letter of inquiry deadlines for 2009 is January 30. Visit the website listed above for detailed instructions for submitting a letter of inquiry packet.

Home Depot to Accept Housing Impact Grants Program Applications

Deadline: December 15, 2008

The Home Depot's ( ) Housing Impact Grants program is a quarterly grants process designed to assist nonprofit organizations in North America whose projects involve affordable housing built responsibly in a timely manner. Projects that seek to build or rebuild affordable housing will be eligible for grants of $1,000 to $3,000 each. Preference will be given to projects that integrate sustainability.

Beginning in 2008, the Housing Impact Grants program will fully align with the Home Depot Foundation's Affordable Housing Built Responsibly program. The online process will remain competitive and will be open to nonprofit organizations with tax exempt status whose projects align with the new grant guidelines in North America.

The Home Depot will only fund nonprofit organizations that have 501(c) (3) tax-exempt status in the United States, or that have a notification of registration and confirmation of registration from the Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency Charities Division in Canada.

Applications for the next funding cycle may be submitted from November 1 to December 15, 2008.

For more information on the Housing Impact Grants program, visit the Home Depot Web site.

Grants Address Economically Isolated Communities

Hitachi Foundation: Business and Communities Grants Program
The Hitachi Foundation's grantmaking strategy is aimed at enhancing opportunity and quality of life for economically isolated people. The Foundation's Business and Communities Grants Program focuses on the role of both businesses and communities in addressing economic isolation and strengthening the field of corporate citizenship. Through the program, the Foundation develops partnerships with nonprofit organizations that enable economically challenged people to retain and advance in their jobs, earn living wages, and accumulate savings and assets. Interested organizations may submit an online inquiry to provide information about project ideas at any time. If the idea addresses the Foundation's priorities, a proposal may be requested. Visit the Foundation's website for program details.

Social Change Projects Funded Nationwide
Ben & Jerry's Foundation

Ben & Jerry's Foundation provides support to nonprofit, grassroots organizations throughout the United States that facilitate progressive social change. Grant applicants need to demonstrate that their projects will lead to societal, institutional, and/or environmental change; address the root causes of social or environmental problems; and lead to new ways of thinking and acting. Projects must facilitate leadership development and strengthen the self-empowerment efforts of those who have traditionally been disenfranchised in our society. The Foundation does not make grants to support basic or direct social service programs. Letters of inquiry may be submitted at any time. Visit the website listed above to review the funding guidelines and download the application form.

Design As Activism

Things Esquire Magazine Quietly Endorses But Doesn’t Tell Anyone
One of the 24 endorsements: Little Rock

Monday, November 10, 2008

Main Street Arkansas Update - November 10, 2008

Main Street Arkansas Calendar November 10-14, 2008


MONDAY Mark, Susan & Nancy – annual leave;
TUESDAY closed – Veterans Day; Caroline – Texarkana
WEDNESDAY Executive Director orientation – Rogers, Jonesboro
THURSDAY Susan & Mark – Walnut Ridge


MSA’s Public Service Announcement
AEDC Grant Workshop
One Minute Main Street Survey
George Hamilton Returns to Downtown Blytheville
SoMa News
Non-Profit Center in Downtown Rogers
Profile: Preservation Architect Tommy Jameson
Heritage Month Grants
Playground Grant Opportunity
How to Spend $3.9 Billion – Neighborhoods
More 990 Resources

MSA’s Public Service Announcement

AEDC Grant Workshop

Application workshops will be held in five locations in the State of Arkansas to inform the public on the procedures for applying for grants from six different agencies and organizations: the Community Resource Group, the Arkansas Department of Rural Services, the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, the Delta Regional Authority, the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission and the Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Community Facilities Program.

Workshop locations are:

• Friday, November 14 10am Dumas Community Center

• Tuesday, November 18 10am, Calhoun & Carney Building, Prescott

• Tuesday, November, 25 10am, Newport Chamber of Commerce

• Tuesday, December 2, 10am, Central Arkansas Planning & Development District, Lonoke

• Thursday, December, 4 10am, Washington County Courthouse, Fayetteville

For more information contact Dana Heatley at AEDC. 501.682.1211

One Minute Main Street Survey

Take the National Main Street Center's "One Minute Main Street Survey" to share with us what is happening economically - on your Main Street today. Your answers to just three quick questions can help us understand where we are and where we're heading.

Blytheville native George Hamilton returns & speaks downtown at the Ritz

He began his conversation by reminiscing about his many afternoons spent watching movies in the Ritz Theater and describing how much downtown Blytheville had changed over the years. Someone remarked earlier to him that he remembered the area quite vividly.

It’s been in my mind my whole life,” he explained.

South Main LR (SoMa)

34 period streetlights are being installed on Main Street between I-630 and 17th Street. The cost of the lights is $109,000.

Non Profit Center in Downtown Rogers

Preservation Architect Profile: Tommy Jameson

Heritage Month Grants:

Uniquely Arkansas: Preparations for the 2009 Heritage Month are underway, with the theme “Only in Arkansas: Exploring Our Natural Heritage.” The focus will be on the Ar­kansas Natural Heritage Commission as it highlights plant and animal species “endemic” to Arkansas, i.e., only found in Arkansas.

Communities statewide are invited to celebrate one-of-a-kind natural riches. Grant applications for themed projects are now accepted. More information can be found at

Playground Grant Opportunity:

One of the biggest challenges facing any community-built playground project is fundraising. That is why KaBOOM! offers communities occasional grant opportunities to begin or complete playspace projects.

KaBOOM! is not a direct grant-making foundation. However, from time to time it does administer challenge grant programs sponsored by its Funding Partners. Designed to be a ''challenge'' to other fundraising efforts, these grants inspire civic groups, individuals and other businesses to join in and support local playspace projects. Previous recipients of KaBOOM! challenge grants have gone on to raise tens of thousands of dollars each for their projects, achieving their playspace goals within months.

In 2008, KaBOOM! is teaming up with Stonyfield Farms to offer two $50,000 grants for new playspaces. For a chance to win a $50,000 grant for a community-built playground, and the chance to help choose another group to receive the same prize, have your school or youth group collect specially-marked Stonyfield Farm yogurt lids through December 31, 2008. The group that sends the most lids to Stonyfield wins.

How to Spend $3.92 Billion: Stabilizing Neighborhoods by Addressing Foreclosed and Abandoned Properties

A new paper outlines 11 key principles that states, counties, and cities should follow as they plan for and use the $3.92 billion in Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) funds. Suggestions include understanding the local housing market, targeting property acquisition, building the capacity to hold properties until reuse, and integrating acquisition and rehabilitation with other neighborhood stabilization strategies. Author Alan Mallach notes that despite the short time frame in which states and localities have to submit action plans and allocate NSP funds, strategic targeting is critical. At the end of the day, if the NSP funds are not targeted, some properties will be rehabilitated or demolished, but sustained neighborhood improvement will not be realized. The full report is available on the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia's web site. (.pdf)

Thanks to Kathy LaPlante for this one

More Form 990 Resources
Are you starting to get nervous about this new form 990? Have you even had the time to think about it yet? The National Council of Nonprofit Associations has compiled some great resources related to the new IRS form 990.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Main Street Arkansas Update - November 3, 2008

Main Street Arkansas Calendar November 3 - 7

MONDAY Nancy – Dumas; Susan, Sheridan (am); Susan & Caroline – Harrison (pm)
TUESDAY Election Day – go vote (if you haven’t already)
WEDNESDAY Susan & Mark – El Dorado
THURSDAY Susan & Mark – Searcy

New Staff for Main Street Rogers
Main Street West Memphis Branding
Rector Press
SoMa Sculpture Garden
El Dorado Press
Siloam Springs Press
Hardy Press
DeWitt Press
NEA’s Your Town Workshop
Art, Craft & the Creative Economy in the Natural State Workshop
Diane Keaton’s Preservation Editorial
Green Meeting Practices in Arkansas
Dear Farmer & Chief
NEA Universal Design Grant
LR Hot Market in a Cold Economic Climate

Kerry Jensen to lead Main Street Rogers

MSWM Branding Press:

MSWM Kitchen Incubator Press:

Rector MSA & Downtown Network Press:

SoMa Sculpture Garden
The Southside Main Street Project announces a competition to select four sculptures to be placed in the Bernice Garden at Daisy Bates and South Main. This is a public-private partnership between the SoMa organization and Anita Davis, the owner and developer of the Garden. It is being funded by Main Street Arkansas and private donations. For more details, an application form and deadlines, please go to

Main Street El Dorado’s Mutt Strut

Good Siloam Springs Press:

Room With A Boo. A Haunted Downtown Hardy Antique Mall?:
It’s for sale on ebay. It can be yours for $125,000

Good DeWitt Press:

Your Town Design Workshop
The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) will be funding four Your Town: The Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design workshops and are seeking your interest in producing a workshop between now and November 2009. This is an opportunity to bring design professionals to your community to help you tackle critical regional planning and design issues. Up to $22,000 will be available to a non-profit organization for each workshop.

Deadline: December 12

Thanks to Renee Doty for this one:
a workshop for public planners and leaders
The Arkansas Craft School is providing a significant workshop focusing on the support and economic impact of small creative industries. The workshop entitled “Art and Craft in the Creative Economy of the Natural State - a workshop for public planners and leaders” is scheduled for November 11-12, 2008, on the campus of the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas.

Diane Keaton, avowed preservationist’s editorial on saving LA’s Ambassador Hotel:,0,3706817.story

Green Meeting Practices in Arkansas:

Dear Farmer & Chief:

NEA Universal Design Grant
Universal design is a design process that goes beyond minimum codes and standards to make spaces comfortably usable by people from childhood into their oldest years. It is not, as many mistakenly view it, the practice of meeting minimum access requirements. The Arts Endowment recognizes design’s ever present role in everyday life and is committed to encouraging and disseminating the best in universal design for the benefit of the American public. The NEA, with its national perspective and commitment to artistic excellence, is in a unique position to exercise a leadership role in this area

LR Hot Market in Cold Economic Climate

Neighborhood Stabilization Program Grants

Monday, October 13, 2008

Main Street Arkansas Update - October 13, 2008

NEW – Arkansas Community Development Society Conference – October 30, UCA, Conway, 8:30 – 3:30. You can register here:
This day long conference will provide tools communities can use to develop economically viable and healthy communities capable of competing in the 21st Century global economy.
- this is one of those ‘pre-approved’ trainings that will meet the continuing education needs of programs that have yet to finalize that portion of the national certification requirements

NEW – for those of you in the LR area, The Central Arkansas Library System will host a “Meet the Grantmakers” forum Thursday, October 16 from 5:30-7:30.

Arkansas Art Links Conference October 20-21

Main Street Arkansas Calendar October 13 - 17

MONDAY Greg – Rogers (interviews); Susan – annual leave
TUESDAY Cary & Caroline – West Memphis (branding); Mark & Susan, Rector (TA visit)
WEDNESDAY Cary & Caroline – West Memphis (branding)
THURSDAY Cary & Caroline – West Memphis (branding); Greg & Susan – West Memphis (pm, branding unveiled)
FRIDAY Cary & Susan – out


Downtown Heber Flooding Remediation Proposed
Higher Speed Rail through AR?
NY Times Architecture Critic Suggest Buildings Worthy of Demolition in the Big Apple
AHPP Accepting Proposals for Documentary Media Grants
Economic Development Grant
$3.4 Million Awarded to Farmers Markets
Bin Donations Encourage Community Recycling

Downtown Heber Flooding Remediation Proposed

Higher Speed Rail through parts of AR proposed:

NY Times Architecture Critic Suggest Buildings Worthy of Demolition in the Big Apple
- Included in the list is Penn Station, subject of the nation’s landmark preservation law and a rebuke of NYC’s Landmark Preservation Commission on their indecisiveness regarding native Arkansan Edward Durell Stone’s 2 Columbus Circle.
GoodSearch is a search engine which donates 50-percent of its revenue to the charities and schools designated by its users.


The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program, an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage, will accept proposals for its Documentary Media Grant program through Jan. 5, 2009, AHPP Director Frances McSwain announced today.
The AHPP is targeting proposals for documentary projects centering on the Over-the-Jumps Carousel at the Little Rock Zoo. The formal application period for Documentary Media Grants will open in the spring of 2009.
Documentary Media Grants are available to individuals and public, private and non-profit organizations for film, broadcast or web-based documentary projects that:
Explore and interpret unique aspects of Arkansas’s cultural and architectural history
Bring Arkansas’s cultural and architectural histories to both traditional and new audiences using a combination of film, broadcast and web media.
Documentary Media Grants require a 1:2 match; for every $2 awarded by the AHPP, the applicant must provide at least $1 in cash or in-kind contributions.
Guidelines for the Documentary Media Grant program can be downloaded from the AHPP web site at or by writing AHPP Grants, 1500 Tower Building, 323 Center St., Little Rock, AR 72201. Requests also can be sent to the agency via fax at (501) 324-9184 or via e-mail at

Economic Development Assistance Programs Grant
EDA will provide Public Works investments to support the construction or rehabilitation of essential public infrastructure and facilities necessary to generate or retain private sector jobs and investments, attract private sector capital, and promote regional competitiveness, including investments that expand and upgrade infrastructure to attract new industry, support technology-led development, accelerate new business development, and enhance the ability of regions to capitalize on opportunities presented by free trade

USDA Awarded $3.4 Million to Farmers Markets
- 2 Arkansas markets received funding. I sent out this funding opportunity earlier this year.

Bin Donations Encourage Community Recycling
Coca-Cola/NRC Recycling Bin Grant Program
The Coca-Cola/NRC Recycling Bin Grant Program supports local community recycling programs by providing bins to selected organizations for the collection of beverage container recyclables in public settings. Grants will be provided to a limited number of applicants who can demonstrate how their proposals will lead to sustainable recycling opportunities. The program offers recycling bins designed for use at community events or functions, public facilities, and programs or events conducted by applicants. Government agencies, civic groups, schools, nonprofit organizations, and for-profit companies are all eligible to participate in this program. Online applicants must be submitted through the website listed above by October 17, 2008.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Main Street Arkansas Update - October 6, 2008

Arkansas Art Links Conference October 20-21

Main Street Arkansas Calendar October 6 - 10


MONDAY Destination Downtown
TUESDAY Destination Downtown
WEDNESDAY Destination Downtown



El Dorado Finalist for GAMSA!

Over $300k for AR Preserve America Towns This Round

Main Street Batesville Press

Downtown Heber Springs Press

AR Public Relations Society Contest for AR Non-Profits

Freeways Without Future

Slow Food Nation

Fighting 50’s Era Parking Standards

Small Town or Metro Nation

Revitalizing the Core City Article

Heritage Travel Initiative

Pull Quote re: Non-Profits

Grant Opportunity

El Dorado a Finalist for the Great American Main Street Award!

Aledo Main Street, Inc.
Aledo, Illinois

Federal Hill Main Street
Baltimore, Maryland

Livermore Downtown Inc.
Livermore, California

Main Street Toccoa
Toccoa, Georgia

Main Street Oberlin, Inc.
Oberlin, Ohio

Main Street El Dorado
El Dorado, Arkansas

Main Street Fairmont
Fairmont, West Virginia

On Broadway, Inc.
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Rochester DDA
Rochester, Michigan

Rehoboth Beach Main Street, Inc.
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Preserve America

I’ve been promoting Preserve America for over three years now. To date, we have nine (9) PA communities with three (3) more pending. Last week we learned about three more successful PA grant applications for Blytheville, Dumas and Helena. In total, these towns received $319,178. Add to that the $50,000 our office, the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program received this round (having received over $250,000 previously) Osceola receiving over $100,000 and Eureka Springs receiving $62,760 last year, Ft. Smith’s $46,000 and Little Rock’s $50,000 Arkansas is very close to having received $1 million in PA money. If that doesn’t motivate you to complete your PA application, I don’t know what will.

We have application templates we’ll provide you. Also, the Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas recently hired a Preserve America coordinator to promote the program and help with local applications. Her name is Rhea Roberts and she can be reached at 501.372.4757.

n Arkansas Delta Gospel Institute Master Plan Dumas, Arkansas; $60,590

n Blytheville Greyhound Bus Station Interpretative Project; Blytheville, Arkansas; $55,088

n Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Markets Project State Historic Preservation Office, Arkansas $50,000

n Promoting Historic Helena Helena-West Helena, Arkansas; $203,500

Good Main Street Batesville Press:

Heber Springs Executive Director Hired

Arkansas Public Relations Society Contest Winner to Offer Free Services to Non-Profits

On Nov. 21, the PRSA Arkansas Chapter will be dedicating our monthly meeting to brainstorming public relations and marketing strategy for two winning nonprofit organizations. The winning nonprofits will engage our members in an hour of FREE public relations and marketing consultation. We hope to make this first session a success and continue it on an annual basis.

We are opening the competition up to any 501(c)(3) organization based in Arkansas. Small and large organizations looking to further their public relations and marketing efforts are encouraged to apply. Organizations are asked to submit the application form by Wednesday, Oct. 15 (more information can be found in the document; please contact Natalie Ghidotti for the form).

If you have any questions about the application process or the Nov. 21 session, please contact Natalie Ghidotti, APR, at

We look forward to your participation on Nov. 21 and to helping some of our state's nonprofits take their communications to the next level!

Freeways Without Future

Slow Food Nation

“Urban planning, food policy, health and education initiatives – government policy at all levels can contribute to food systems that support the whole community. Learn from leaders in the field as they explore the first steps. . . “

Cities Fight 50’s Era Parking Standards

Small Town or Metro Nation?

The Brookings Institute continues to beat the drum of the value of urban areas vs. “small towns”. Their thesis is that our population & with it our economy is moving away from “small towns” – but nobody will admit it (admittedly, an oversimplification). I suspect we will see some of this after the next census when state house & senate seats are redistricted. Expect to see more seats in central & northwest Arkansas while other areas have fewer seats.

“The top 100 metropolitan areas are home to 68 percent of America's jobs and are the origin of 75 percent of the nation's gross domestic product.”

How Ohio Can Revitalize Its Core Communities

National Trust Launches Heritage Travel Subsidiary

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has created a subsidiary – Heritage Travel –a comprehensive, online resource for heritage travelers and historic destinations. The site will launch in early 2009.

In case you didn’t read it, a highlight from last week’s article regarding the challenges non-profits in Arkansas face:

Of the $ 306.3 billion in charitable giving last year, the Giving USA Foundation reported $ 229. 8 billion came from individuals, not companies.

Religious groups (33 percent) and education organizations (14 percent) get the highest percentages of the $ 306 billion, the foundation’s survey shows.

Special events raise only a small percentage of annual donations, but they introduce people to a nonprofit organization and spur future gifts.

Up to $3,000 Grant Opportunity

Recognizing the demand for students to gain "real world" experience and for our institutional members to get qualified interns, AASLH offers its smaller institutional members the opportunity to apply for up to $3,000 for the Alderson Internship Program.


Must be an AASLH Institutional Member
Must have an annual operating budget under $500,000
Must agree to match funds on a 1:3 basis
Application must be received by the AASLH office no later than 5 p.m. on December 15
Learn More and Access the Application

Visit for more information or to download an application.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Main Street Arkansas Update - September 29, 2008

We depart for BSL Sunday & return very late Wednesday night.

Arkansas Art Links Conference October 20-21

Main Street Arkansas Calendar September 29 – October 3

TUESDAY Susan, Mark, Nancy – DeWitt
WEDNESDAY Cary & Caroline - Helena
THURSDAY Susan & Nancy – Crawfordsville

Main Street Searcy’s Get Down Downtown
Downtown Siloam Springs Reborn
Condos in LR Still Selling Well
Hear the Wyoming Main Street Conference in its Entirety
Sustainable Cities Website
The Bad News About Green Architecture
Brussels Taking On Downtown Tackiness
6 Grant Opportunities

Main Street Searcy’s Get Down Downtown

Downtown Siloam Springs Reborn

Condos in LR Still Selling Well

Economy Shakes Up Success of Arkansas Charities

Hear the Wyoming Main Street’s Conference in its Entirety
- learn without leaving your home. Kudos to WY for being so progressive

Website Promotes Sustainable Cities
Liveable Streets Network
The Liveable Streets Network is an online community for people working to create sustainable cities through sensible urban planning, design, and transportation policy. The Network provides free, open source, web-based resources to citizens interested in developing a greener economy, addressing climate change, reducing oil dependence, alleviating traffic congestion, and providing better access to good jobs in healthy communities. Visit the Livable Streets website for more information.

The Bad News About Green Architecture

Brussels Taking On Downtown Tackiness

Grants Help Interpret Historic Sites
National Wildlife Refuge System "Preserve America" Grant Program
The National Wildlife Refuge System Preserve America Grant Program, an initiative of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, provides grants to help foster interpretive, education, and visitor initiatives that incorporate history and historic sites into the Refuge System's mission. This program seeks to protect historic sites, integrate history into refuge interpretive and education programs, and build partnerships with communities and organizations interested in supporting refuge programs. Collaborative projects between local refuges and schools are also encouraged. Grants range from $10,000 to $15,000 and require matching funds. Proposals must be postmarked no later than November 1, 2008. Visit the website listed above to review the Requests for Proposals.

Thanks to Kathy LaPlante for this
Allstate Foundation
The Allstate Foundation supports national and local programs that fit within three focus areas. Proposals for program support must address needs within one of the three focus areas to be considered for funding

Taproot Foundation Service Grants
Taproot has announced its September 2008 grant round for capacity-building service grants to other nonprofit organizations. Taproot engages teams of business professionals in pro bono marketing, IT, HR, and strategy management service grants, each of which is valued at between $25,000 and $50,000. Interested nonprofits should visit Taproot's website to check out the full catalog of service grants, as well as the basic eligibility criteria. Applications are being accepted through September 15. If you have questions, contact Allyse Heartwell, Program Coordinator, at 415.359.1423 x324.

State Farm Good Neighbor Service-Learning Grants Available for Global Youth Service Day Projects

Deadline: October 15, 2008

With support from the State Farm Companies Foundation ( ), Youth Service America ( ) is offering the annual State Farm Good Neighbor Service-Learning Grant for youth led community improvement projects across the United States and Canada (Alberta, Ontario, and New Brunswick provinces only).

The program offers one hundred grants of up to $1,000 each to teachers and service-learning coordinators who engage youth (ages 5 to 25) in implementing service-learning projects on Global Youth Service Day ( ), April 24-26, 2009. The program encourages semester-long projects that are launched on Martin Luther King Day on January 19, 2009, and ex- tends through Global Youth Service Day.

Grant applicants must meet the following requirements: 1) be a resident of the fifty states or the District of Columbia, or the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Ontario, and New Brunswick; and
2) Be a teacher or professor who currently teaches in a public, private, faith-based, charter or higher education institution within the fifty states, the District of Columbia, or the Canadian provinces above; or be a school-based service-learning coordinator whose primary role is to coordinate service-learning projects in a school or university as described above.

Funds for Innovative Museum Programs
MetLife Foundation: Museum and Community Connections
The purpose of the MetLife Foundation Museum and Community Connections program is to encourage art museums to reach out to large numbers of people of all ages and backgrounds through imaginative programs and/or exhibits that help people understand and appreciate each other and the world. Museums that have been in existence at least five years and are located in Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, or Wisconsin are eligible to apply. Funding may be requested for one or a combination of the following categories: Collaborations, Artist Residencies, Exhibits, and Offsite Programming. The application deadline is October 17, 2008. Visit the website listed above to download the Request for Proposal (RFP).

Grassroots Local Projects Funded
Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation

The Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation is dedicated to improving the communities the company serves through support of public education, community improvement projects, and home safety initiatives. Support is provided to grassroots projects located in communities where Lowe's operates stores and distribution centers. Priority is given to projects that can utilize Lowe's volunteers. Grants generally range from $5,000 to $25,000. Requests may be submitted throughout the year. Visit the website listed above to take the eligibility test and submit an online application.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Main Street Arkansas Update - September 22, 2008



Arkansas Art Links Conference October 20-21

Main Street Arkansas Calendar September 22-26

MONDAY Caroline, off; Susan - Batesville – Window Display Workshop
TUESDAY Susan – Batesville – reworking windows in downtown storefronts
THURSDAY Susan & Mark – Blytheville; Cary, out; Nancy, out
FRIDAY Susan & Mark – Blytheville; Cary & Nancy, out

Good Downtown Harrison Press
Helena on GMA
Argenta Art Walk
AEDC Supports Preservation Tax Credit
LR-NLR & Rogers Area Rated in Milken’s Best Performing Cities
HPAA Solicits Award Nominations
Venture Capital Workshops
Survey of Federal Preservation Programs
Teardowns Tool
Events PR Opportunity
eBay Techquity Program
Living Cities Loan Fund
Sustainable Design Assessment

Good Downtown Harrison Press:

GMA to feature Helena September 25

Check out the Argenta Art Walk website (sponsored by Main Street Argenta):

AEDC Supports Historic Preservation Tax Credit

What You Could Accomplish With Traffic Delay Time:

LR-NLR Named No. 54 in Milken Institutes Best Performing Cities
Last year we were at 73. Springdale-Fayetteville-Rogers is at 57. They were 21 last year.

Alliance Solicits Nominations for 2009 Arkansas Preservation Awards
Little Rock— The Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas is seeking nominations for the 2009 Arkansas Preservation Awards.
Awarded annually, the Arkansas Preservation Awards highlight outstanding achievement in projects, programs, and exemplary practices that foster historic preservation across the state. The Alliance invites Arkansas residents and organizations to submit projects and people to be considered for this year’s awards. The deadline for submitting nominations is Friday, November 14, 2008.

-Parker Westbrook Lifetime Achievement Award
-Outstanding Service in Neighborhood Preservation
-Outstanding Work by a Craftsperson
-Excellence in Preservation through Rehabilitation
-Excellence in Preservation through Restoration
-Excellence in Personal Preservation Projects
-Outstanding Achievement in Preservation Advocacy
-Outstanding New Construction in an Historic Setting
-Outstanding Preservation Reporting in the Media
-Ned Shank Award for Outstanding Preservation Publication
-Outstanding Achievement in Preservation Education

The 2009 Arkansas Preservation Awards will be presented at a banquet at 6:00 pm, January 9, 2009 at the Governor’s Mansion, Little Rock.

Venture Capital Workshops

Workshops for the Arkansas Invention to Venture (AI2V) 2008 are slated in Little Rock, beginning September 29 to October 2, 2008. The hands-on workshops provide a new-venture accelerator for a start-up company preparing to move into the marketplace.

For more information contact the Ark. Small Business Development Center at 501-683-7700.

Survey About Federal Preservation Programs

The Expert Panel Examining the Structure of the Federal Historic Preservation Programs would like input from the historic preservation community. Please go to to fill out a survey. The survey asks for your preferences on the structure of the federal historic preservation programs.

The survey will only take 10 minutes to fill out. The Expert Panel is trying to get input from as many people as possible. Please forward this e-mail to other mailing lists. We apologize if you receive duplicates.

Please respond to the survey by Friday, October 3

The National Trust for Historic Preservation's new "Teardown Tools on the Web (pdf)" highlights approximately 30 tools that are being used by communities around the country in response to teardowns, with direct links to more than 300 examples in 32 states. It is online at

PR Opportunity: Top 20 Events in Southeast

Since 1985, the Southeast Tourism Society has published the Top 20 Events publication. Through a nomination process, the society chooses the Top 20 events going on in the Southeast for each month of the year, and publishes this list of winners quarterly. This publication is sent to over 300 newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV stations, and others, as well as 125 AAA publications. The combined circulation runs into the millions. Current Top 20 Events are listed online at

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism is a member of the Southeast Tourism Society. As a result, festivals and events in Arkansas may be submitted for the Top 20 Events publication, if they meet the following requirements set forth by the Southeast Tourism Society:

• 1,000 in attendance
• 3rd year in existence
• Payment of $10 nomination fee per event

Top 20 Events strongly encourages you to strengthen your nomination by providing supporting material such as:
• Photos
• Posters
• Brochures
• Press Releases
• News Clippings
• Volunteer Programs

Deadlines for Applications:

Event Occurring In: Submit by:
April/May/June 2009 October 10, 2008
July/August/September 2009 January 9, 2009
October/November/December 2009 April 10, 2009
January/February/March 2010 July 10, 2009
April/May/June 2010 October 9, 2009
July/August/September 2010 January 8, 2010
October/November/December 2010 April 9, 2010
January/February/March 2011 July 16, 2010

If you would like to nominate your event, contact the Tourism Development Section at (501) 682-5240

eBay Foundation Techquity Program
• Provides funds to microentrepreneurs to purchase technology equipment
• Also provides funds to microenterprise development organizations for operating the project and providing technology training to their clients.

Living Cities Launches Innovative Loan Fund to Revitalize America’s Cities
With initial commitments totaling $20million, Living Cities Catalyst Fund will broaden availability and use of capital to improve the lives of people in low-income and underserved urban area

Sustainable Design Assessment
The American Institute of Architects Center for Communities by Design released the 2009 Sustainable Design Assessment Team (SDAT) program Request for Proposals (RFP). The RFP solicits applications for inclusion in the 2009 SDAT program.

The SDAT program is a community assistance program that has provided more than 30 communities with integrated design- and policy-based assessments since its inception in 2005. SDATs bring teams of multidisciplinary volunteer professionals together to work with community decision-makers and stakeholders to help them develop a vision and framework for a sustainable future. The SDAT approach is designed to address many of the common challenges communities face by producing long-term sustainability plans that are realistic and reflect each community's unique context.

The final deadline to submit proposals for consideration in the 2009 SDAT program is Nov. 14, 2008. For more information or to download the 2009 SDAT RFP, visit or contact Erin Simmons, director, design assistance, at or 202-626-7492.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Main Street Arkansas Update - September 15, 2008


Main Street Arkansas Calendar September 15-19

Caroline – out all week
MONDAY Cary - out
TUESDAY Cary – out; Nancy – West Memphis; Susan & Mark – Paragould, Crawfordsville
WEDNESDAY Cary - out
THURSDAY Susan & Mark – West Memphis

Batesville Street
MSWM & Clinton School Work Together
Saving Superman’s House
Non-Profits & Google
Google & Newspapers

Batesville to Make Main Street Two-Ways

Clinton School to work with MSWM, RHDI

Saving Superman’s House

Non-Profit Gives Itself A Google Makeover

Google for Non Profits

Google Grants Blog

Google to Archive 244 Years Worth of Newspapers
As part of the latest initiative, Google will foot the bill to copy the archives of any newspaper publisher willing to permit the stories to be shown for free on Google's Web site. The participating publishers will receive an unspecified portion of the revenue generated from the ads displayed next to the stories.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Main Street Arkansas Update - September 8, 2008

As some of you know, we had a small fire in the Tower Building last week. Everyone & everything is OK, but we were off most of the week. Given that, I’m only posting our staff’s calendar in this week’s update.

If you sent us an email after Wednesday afternoon, we may not have received it. If it’s important, please call or send it again.

As a reminder, the room block for Destination Downtown has been extended to September 22. We were in the midst of calling programs to confirm their attendance, but obviously, we were derailed in those efforts last week. Expect to hear from us today.

On a personal note, my cell phone was destroyed this weekend and I apparently wasn’t saving phone numbers to the SIM card. So, I don’t have anyone’s phone number. If you are someone I communicate with on a personal or professional basis, I’d appreciate you shooting me an email with your cell phone number.




Main Street Arkansas Calendar September 8-12


MONDAY Susan & Caroline – Batesville
THURSDAY Cary, Greg, Mark - Rogers