Monday, December 31, 2007

Main Street Arkansas Update - December 31, 2007

With this last update of the year, I want to say “thank you” to all of the volunteers who work to revitalize Arkansas’s downtowns. Too often we forget that we’re paid to do this & you are doing this work out of love & devotion to your community. Again, thanks and Go Hogs, Beat Missouri!

This will be the last update some of you receive as we change the mailing list (slowly) with the turn of the new year. This update goes to current & previous year board chairs, local Main Street staff & a number of select “others” Marian always lovingly called “riff raff” – you know who you are! If you’d like to continue your subscription & don’t fall into one of those categories, let me know & I’ll keep you on.

Mark You Calendars – Main Street Arkansas Awards January 9, 2008 7pm in conjunction with the Arkansas Municipal League Conference. Quarterly Training (roundtable & state report) is January 10 8 a.m. Main Street programs are required to be represented in order to be in compliance with the Letter of Agreement.

December 31 – January 4, 2008

Monday – Nancy, out; Greg, out; Susan – Cotton Bowl (we’re all jealous)
Tuesday – office closed
Wednesday – Mark – Heber Springs
Thursday – Mark & Susan – Russellville
Friday -


National Trust President Richard Moe’s Speech on Preservation and Sustainability
Richard Mason of El Dorado press
Eureka Springs TIFs & Arts District
What Is Rural?
Heber Springs: I Love This Place
Rural Schools Continue to Lose Pupils (particularly in S. AR & the Delta)
Time Magazine & New Urbanism
Earmarks for Preservation
The Flaws of LEED Certification
4 Grant Opportunities


Highly recommended reading:
Dick Moe’s speech upon receiving the Vincent Scully Prize entitled: Sustainable Stewardship: Historic Preservation’s Essential Role in Fighting Climate Change

or listen to the speech here: (download it & put it on your iPod)

Richard Mason, longtime Main Street El Dorado supporter, major downtown property owner, & now author, is highlighted in this week’s cover story in the Arkansas Times.

Novel excerpt: A boomtown brawl from Richard Mason’s story of a South Arkansas Christmas

Eureka Springs: Revitalization Plan Calls for Arts & Culture District Financed by a TIF District

What is Rural?

- side note: Professor Andrew Isserman of the University of Illinois has published quite a bit about this topic. Interested parties can view his website at

or you can see what the USDA has to say on this subject here:

I Love This Place (Heber Springs)

Schools Worry About Losing Pupils

- subscriber only, sorry

Notable quote:

At least one-third of Arkansas’ counties, primarily in the Delta and the southern part of the state, are projected to lose school-age population by 2030, according to a report from the Arkansas Bureau of Legislative Research.


New Urbanism in Time Magazine,8599,1696857,00.html?xid=site-cnn-partner


Among the innumerable Congressional earmarks approved this week are a number of historic preservation projects in Arkansas. My question to you is: have you been working with your congressman or Senators on projects worthy of an earmark in your downtown?

- subscriber only, sorry

$147,000 for the historic preservation of the Lane House Theater in Eureka Springs.
$98,440 for historic preservation in Clover Bend.
$147,000 for renovation of the historic Morrilton Post Office building.

It’s Way Too Easy Being Green – criticism of the LEED certification system

Notable Quote:

Several cities, including Seattle, Chicago, and New York, now require all of their public buildings to be LEED certified. So does the General Services Administration, the agency that manages the federal government's real-estate needs. Even more striking, cities like Washington, D.C., and Santa Monica, Calif., now require that all major projects—public and private—meet LEED certification standards.

Sounds like a good idea for Arkansas & our cities, though when you read the criticism of LEED certification, you can see where there are serious flaws in their criteria.

Multi-Arts Production Fund Offers Support for New Work in the Performing Arts

Deadline: February 1, 2008

The Multi-Arts (MAP) Production Fund ( ), a program of Creative Capital ( ), supported by the Rockefeller Foundation ( ), seeks to assist artists who "are exploring the dynamics of live performance within our changing society, thus reflecting our culture's innovation and growing diversity.

In keeping with the mandate of its founding organization, the Rockefeller Foundation, MAP seeks to support work that brings insight to the issue of cultural difference, be that in class, gender, generation, ethnicity, or tradition. MAP guidelines place a special emphasis on innovation, cross-cultural collaboration, and art that springs from cultural critique.

Applications for MAP support must come from U.S.-based organizations that have current nonprofit 501(c) (3) status. Nonprofit artist-services organization may apply as fiscal sponsors on behalf of unincorporated artists or ensembles. Both the organization and the artists involved in a project must have a two-year history of professional activity. The fund supports only artistic projects that contain or will contain a live-performance component. Support may be applied to any phase of a project, up to and including its premiere run. The touring of completed projects is not eligible for MAP funding. MAP is especially interested in providing support for work early in its development.

Up to forty awards ranging from $10,000 to $45,000 each will be made. The average award amount is $22,000.

Completed applications may be sent electronically between January 1 and February 1, 2008. Visit the MAP Web site for complete program information and application procedures.

Home Depot Foundation Offers Support for Affordable Housing Programs

Deadline: March 1, 2008 (Letter of Inquiry)

The Home Depot Foundation ( ) is dedicated to creating healthy, livable communities through the integration of affordable housing built responsibly, as well as the preservation and restoration of community trees. The foundation makes grants to 501(c) (3) tax-exempt public charities in the United States and to charitable organizations in Canada.

The foundation awards most of its grants by directly soliciting proposals from high-performing nonprofit organizations with the demonstrated ability to create strong partnerships, impact multiple communities, and leverage grant resources. In order to identify potential future nonprofit partners and/or respond to unique community revitalization opportunities, a limited amount of funding is set aside to be awarded through a competitive process.

Preference is given to proposals that include community engagement resulting in the production, preservation, or financing of housing units for low- to moderate-income families that address as many of the following considerations as possible: resource efficiency in design, construction, and operations; minimization of the depletion of natural resources, including timber and water; landscape features such as trees and shrubs that minimize demand for water and synthetic chemicals and reduce the "heat island" effect; reduction of maintenance costs through the use of innovative and durable materials; the use of environmentally friendly building materials; site planning with minimal environ- mental impact; use of energy-efficient and renewable technologies; improvement of indoor air quality, including moisture control and proper ventilation; and smart site planning and land use.

Complete program information, an FAQ, and an eligibility test are available at the foundation's Web site.

NEH On the Road Exhibition Grants

These grants support ancillary public humanities programs to accompany NEH on the Road traveling exhibitions. Typical formats involve lectures, reading and discussion programs, film discussion programs, Chautauqua presentations by scholars, family programs, exhibition tours, or other appropriate formats for reaching the general public. The criterion for review is the degree to which the programs involve humanities experts as presenters in ways that build on the themes of the exhibition. NEH staff evaluate applications and forward recommendations to the National Council on the Humanities. The National Council meets at various times during the year to advise the NEH chairman on grants. The chairman takes into account the advice provided by the review process and, by law, makes all funding decisions.

21st Century Museums Professionals Grant

The purpose of the 21st Century Museum Professionals (21MP) program is to increase the capacity of museums to connect people to information and ideas by improving the knowledge and skills of museum staff in the full range of museum operations

Monday, December 17, 2007

Main Street Arkansas Update - December 17, 2007

December 17 - 21, 2007

Tuesday Caroline, Harrison
Thursday Mark - out
Friday Mark & Greg - out

Bethany Hanna has resigned as executive director of Main Street Texarkana. We wish her well in her future endeavors.

Downtown/Main Street Rogers is featured in the latest issue of UrbanLand Magazine, a publication of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) – member web access only at:

University Area Gears Up for Change

Tourism Map of the Arkansas Delta (RHDI/ADB project) published

WM Carriage Rides

HGTV Opportunity for Central Arkansas

Parking Garage Design Article

8 Grant Opportunities

University Area Gears Up for Change

Tourism Map of the Arkansas Delta (RHDI/ADB project) published

If you’re in West Memphis in the coming weeks, consider taking a carriage ride offered by the WM A&P. Call 870.514.6340 for more details

HGTV’s If Walls Could Talk Coming to Little Rock
If Walls Could Talk, the weekly series, Sundays on HGTV, is coming to Central Arkansas in January to film homes with intriguing pasts and unusual stories. Now in production on its ninth season, the series kicks off with new homeowners who make surprising historical discoveries about their homes as they explore and restore them. A lucky few will be amazed to learn that the historic artifacts they’ve discovered are worth a fortune when the If Walls Could Talk appraiser drops by for a look.

Each half-hour episode features homeowners from across the country who share their amazing discoveries.

If Walls Could Talk is produced for HGTV by High Noon Entertainment in Denver . Homeowners who would like to be considered for the program should contact Jason Mercado at 303.712.3109 or email at He hopes to speak with homeowners immediately.

Garage Mahals: Architects turn their attention to the problem of parking.

Grant Opportunities

Thanks to Kathy LaPlante of the NTMSC for this one

Verizon Foundation

Does Verizon provide cell phone service in your community?

If so, check out their foundation site at:

Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program

Community Food Projects should be designed to (1): (A) meet the food needs of low-income people; (B) increase the self-reliance of communities in providing for their own food needs; and (C) promote comprehensive responses to local food, farm, and nutrition issues; and/or (2) meet specific state, local, or neighborhood food and agriculture needs for (A) infrastructure improvement and development; (B) planning for long-term solutions; or (C) the creation of innovative marketing activities that mutually benefit agricultural producers and low-income consumers

National Archives and Records Administration Professional Development Grants for Archives and Historical Publishing Grant

National Archives and Records Administration Publishing Historical Records-Founding Era Grant

National Archives and Records Administration Strategies and Tools for Archives and Historical Publishing Projects Grant

National Archives and Records Administration Digitizing Historical Records Grant

National Archives and Records Administration Electronic Records Projects Grant

MacArthur Foundation Announces Awards Program for Public Sector Housing Preservation Leaders

Deadline: January 29, 2008 (Letters of Interest)

Through its awards for State and Local Housing Preservation Leaders, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation ( ) intends to provide $35 million in total new funding for innovative public-sector initiatives designed to preserve and improve the existing stock of privately owned affordable rental homes across the United States.

These new awards are part of the foundation's expanded commitment to Window of Opportunity ( ), a national initiative dedicated to the preservation and improvement of affordable rental homes.

The foundation expects to select up to ten states and localities to receive awards in 2008. These awards are likely to include grants and/or program-related investments ranging from $250,000 to a maximum of $5 million. All funds must be used to design, demonstrate, or scale up a significant preservation initiative.

Only the following entities can apply for funding through these awards: city, county, or state governmental body, or a formal collaboration among several governmental units operating in a common geographic region. The applicant should oversee key sources of funding and subsidy for developers and owners of affordable rental housing, including but not limited to Community Development Block Grants, local affordable housing trust funds, and proceeds from tax increment financing districts.

State agencies applying for these awards should be responsible for allocating Low Income Housing Tax Credits and private activity bonds, in addition to major state-funded resources for affordable housing. In general, public housing authorities will not be eligible.

Visit the foundation's Web site for complete program guidelines and instructions for submitting a Letter of Interest.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Main Street Arkansas Update - December 10, 2007

December 10 – 15, 2007
Tuesday Cary & Caroline – Texarkana (board meeting); Susan – Searcy (site visit)
Wednesday Mark & Susan – Dumas (site visit)
Thursday Susan & Mark – Russellville (site visit)

Sandi Thomas has joined Main Street Harrison as the New Executive Director

MSH Awarded AT&T Grant

Eureka Springs is highlighted in February’s issue of American Style magazine. Sorry no web link yet. Check out the issue on newsstands now.

Congratulations to Arkansas Delta Byways. They were recently notified on their receipt of a National Scenic Byway program grant that the Great River Road group proposed for West Memphis. The award is for $296,000 for the first phase of their improved Missouri Street overpass. Particular kudos to Janine Earney who prepared the application.

No City Funding for Main Street Harrison
Riverfront RV Park Proposed for NLR
Have You Signed the Pledge Yet?
Southeast Tourism Society Top 20 Events Publication Opportunity
Literary Tourism Article
7 Grant Opportunities

No City Funding for Main Street Harrison
excerpt of the article “With city tax collections not increasing but actually decreasing, there will be no new money in the 2009 budget. . .” (emphasis added)

Riverfront RV Park Proposed for NLR

Have You Signed the Pledge Yet?
From Doug Loescher, Director, National Trust Main Street Center

As part of our growing marketing efforts for, we have issued the “Shop Main Street Holiday Challenge,” which challenges all friends of Main Street to support independent businesses by purchasing at least one of their holiday gifts this season from a Main Street retailer.
We invite you to sign our pledge to take the challenge at And we hope you will ask everyone in your community to do so as well.
You can shop in person at a Main Street District near you or online at, our online Main Street business directory.
We welcome your feedback about so we can continue improving it in 2008.
Happy shopping!

Thanks to Kristine Puckett of Parks & Tourism for this one -
Southeast Tourism Society Top 20 Events Publication
Festival & Event Producers –

Since 1985 the Southeast Tourism Society has published the Top 20 Events publication. Through a nomination process, the society chooses the Top 20 events going on in the Southeast for each month of the year, and publishes this list of winners quarterly. This publication is sent to over 300 newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV stations, and others, as well as 125 AAA publications. The combined circulation runs into the millions. Current Top 20 Events are listed online at

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism is now a member of the Southeast Tourism Society. As a result, festivals and events in Arkansas may be submitted for the Top 20 Events publication, if they meet the following requirements set forth by the Southeast Tourism Society:

• 1,000 in attendance
• 3rd year in existence
• Payment of $10 nomination fee per event

Top 20 Events strongly encourages you to strengthen your nomination by providing supporting material such as:

• Photos
• Posters
• Brochures
• Press Releases
• News Clippings
• Volunteer Programs

Deadlines for Applications:

Event Occurring In: Submit by:
July/August/September 2008 January 11, 2008
October/November/December 2008 April 11, 2008
January/February/March 2009 July 11, 2008
April/May/June 2009 October 10, 2008
July/August/September 2009 January 9, 2009
October/November/December 2009 May 8, 2009

If you would like to nominate your event, contact the Tourism Development Section at (501) 682-5240 or e-mail

Literary Tourism

7 Grant Opportunities:
USDA Rural Development - Community Facilities Grant Program
Deadline: January 18 2008
USDA Rural Development is currently soliciting applications for their Community Facility Loan and Grant programs for the 2008 fiscal year. These programs provide grants and/or long term, low-interest loans to non-profit and municipal entities to purchase or repair equipment, or repair, purchase or construct buildings. The facility financed must provide an essential community service to a rural community or communities that have a population of 20,000 or less.
Barnes and Noble Sponsorships and Charitable Donations Program
Deadline: None
As part of their commitment to good corporate citizenship, Barnes & Noble considers local and national support requests from non-profit organizations that focus on literacy, the arts or education (pre-K – 12). They also consider sponsorship opportunities where they can partner with organizations that focus their core businesses on higher learning, literacy and the arts.

Conference Grant
Note the grant opportunity to produce conferences on economics and sustainability. Main Street & historic preservation fit directly into this category, IMHO.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is issuing this Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) soliciting applications from eligible applicants for the planning, arranging, administering and/or conducting of conferences, workshops, and/or meetings (hereinafter referred to as “conferences”) that focus on research to protect human health and safeguard the environment. Specifically, EPA is interested in supporting scientific and technical research conferences that address the following research program areas: (1) human health; (2) ecosystems; water and security; (3) economics and sustainability; (4) air and global climate change; and (5) technology. This BAA is open from December 10, 2007 through December 9, 2008. Applications must be received by January 7, 2008; June 5, 2008; and December 9, 2008 depending upon the cycle (as identified in Section II of this BAA) for which the applicant is requesting funding.
Link to Full Announcement
Broad Agency Announcement for Conferences, Workshops, and/or Meetings

NPS American Battlefield Protection Program Grant
The National Park Service’s American Battlefield Protection Program grants provide seed money for projects that lead directly to the identification, preservation and interpretation of battlefield land and/or historic sites associated with battlefields. Eligible recipients include nonprofit groups, academic institutions, and local, regional, state, and tribal governments. In recent years, grants have averaged $32,000. More information is online
Deadline January 18, 2008:

NEH Interpreting America’s Historic Places Grant
The deadline for the National Endowment for the Humanities' (NEH) "Interpreting America's Historic Places" Planning and Implementation grants is Jan. 23, 2008, for projects beginning October 2008. Follow the links for more information on planning or implementation grants.

NTHP Grant
National Trust Preservation Funds: Administered by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, these grants are designed to encourage preservation at the local level by providing seed money for preservation projects focused on preservation planning or education efforts. Support is offered for obtaining professional expertise in areas such as architecture, archeology, engineering, preservation planning, and fundraising. Grant funds may also be used to support preservation education activities. Grants range from $500 to $5,000, with the average grant ranging from $1,000 to $2,000. For more information, contact Joseph McGill at or 843-722-8552. Due February 1, 2008

Monday, December 3, 2007

Main Street Arkansas Update - December 3, 2007

December 3 - 7, 2007
Monday - Cary & Caroline - Conway
Tuesday - Susan & Mark – Texarkana; Greg – Batesville
Wednesday - Susan - Conway
Thursday -
Friday –

Check out Main Street Paragould’s new website at

NLR Prepares for New Urbanism
TIF District’s Creation Supported by UALR Study
NLR Riverfront Development
Downtown Heber Springs Looking Up
AgriTourism Article
Falling Home Sales May Stifle Urban Revitalization
Make It An Arkie Christmas
Mega Moves – get the low down on your zip code

The latest issue of Arkansas Business focuses on Downtown Redevelopment.

NLR Prepares for New Urbanism
- nice pull quote in the hard copy issue from Michael Drake

related note: UALR study supports need for TIF District in NLR

KTHV: NLR Development Will Change Riverfront

Downtown Redevelopment Looking Up in Heber Springs
- nice quote from Mary Margaret about ADN and MSA

Down on the Farm with Your Sleeves Rolled Up – AgriTourism

Falling Home Sales May Stifle Urban Revitalization

Make It an Arkie Christmas
- nice mention of the ArkansasDelta Made program


Historic Preservation Office,

My name is Lee Reading and I’m a researcher with Windfall Films in the UK. We produce the US television show MEGA MOVES for the National Geographic and the Discovery channels (

Our programmes aim to film the entire journey of whole structures being moved from one location to another, hopefully giving an audience something they haven’t seen before. I’m currently looking for historic buildings that are due for relocation; be they stone cottages, farm houses, train depots, monuments, wooden barns or even giant machinery. As long as they have interesting back stories, history, character and an interesting move route, I’d be interested in putting them forward for filming. We’d very much like to work with the each state’s Historic Preservation Office should they be involved in any projects, or know of any projects, over the next month or two. These films should provide excellent publicity to all those involved, as well as the building themselves.

If you have anything in the pipeline or know of a project coming up, wherever it maybe, feel free to send me an email, fax me or drop me a line and I shall investigate further. Any information or pictures you have would be extremely useful to the third season of Mega Moves.

Lee Reading
Researcher/ Coordinator UK
Windfall Films

T: +44 (0)207 251 7656
F: +44 (0)207 253 8468

Woman preserving history of Japanese-American internment in Arkansas

thanks to CEOs for Cities for this:
Want quick stats on your neighborhood? Check out While not a substitute for more thorough research, this handy website provides an easy reference to compare zip codes on a number of factors including population density, median age, education and many others. Based on Census 2000 data the site does note that it should be used only as a “first glance” at a ZIP Code area, not as a source of hard facts upon which to base a decision. Regardless, it is still very exciting to have data at your fingertips to explore.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Main Street Arkansas Update - November 26, 2007

There are quite a few good stories listed below which I collected during my time off last week. I particularly recommend the Argenta Express article by Kane Webb from yesterday’s D-G and the reminder.

Congratulations to Michael Drake on his wedding to Beth Gaines. I was privileged to attend the service where the pastor incorporated an Elvis mention into the ceremony. It warmed my heart.

Check out Main Street El Dorado on myspace at

MSA Staff Calendar – November 26-30, 2007

Monday – Cary & Caroline – Paragould: Workplanning Session
Tuesday – Cary & Caroline – Paragould (a.m.); Mark & Susan – Texarkana
Wednesday – Mark & Susan – Texarkana
Thursday – Advisory Board Meeting

Harsh Realities for those Who Buy in Historic Districts?
Fighting Over Historic Designation
$52 Million Invested in Phillips County in Last Two Years
Why Conservatives Should Care About Cities
Federal Heritage Areas Catching On
El Dorado Looking at Uses for Building
Progress Brings New Problems: Meredith Oakley Editorial on Parking in Argenta
The Argenta Express: Kane Webb feature
Baby Boomers a Higher Portion of Arkansas’s Economy vs. National Comparisons
Merchants weigh in on NLR Street Beat plan Holiday Reminder
Harsh Realities for those Who Buy in Historic Districts?

Fighting Over Historic Designation

$52 Million Invested in Phillips County in Last Two Years

Why Conservatives Should Care About Cities

Federal Heritage Areas Catching On

El Dorado Looking at Uses for Building

Progress Brings New Problems: Meredith Oakley Editorial on Parking in Argenta

The Argenta Express: Kane Webb feature

Baby Boomers a Higher Portion of Arkansas’s Economy vs. National Comparisons

Merchants weigh in on NLR Street Beat plan Holiday Reminder
Dear Main Street Member,
The busiest time of the retail year is fast approaching - nearly one quarter of all online sales each year occur between November 1 and December 22. So now is the time to make sure your downtown stores are listed on, an online directory of e-commerce-enabled, independent Main Street businesses, is now entering its second holiday season. We have a great marketing plan ready to get some of those online dollars directed to Main Streets – including a special holiday challenge to National Trust members and others who care about supporting traditional downtowns. But the site is only as good as the businesses that are listed – so please ask your stores to sign-up today.
To get started:
Go to and login with your user name and password. You will then be able to send e-mail invitations to your local businesses, allowing them to edit and submit their own listings. It's quick and simple to use - for you and your businesses. And remember, this is a benefit of your Main Street Network Membership so there is no cost to the businesses for their listing!
Special Holiday Challenge to our Members:
To help motivate you, our Main Street members, we are instituting a Members Challenge for this holiday season:
Get 3 businesses listed on our website by November 30th and be entered into a raffle for a free year of membership (a $250 value)*
Important Reminders:
• is only for independently owned, retail businesses located in your downtown, neighborhood, or Main Street commercial district.
• All businesses must have some sort of e-commerce capability – whether a full online store or just an online catalog of items.
• We review all businesses and those that are not appropriate for the site will not be approved.
*: This means 3 total for your district, not 3 new ones (although we would love 3 new ones too). We didn't want to penalize those of you that supported us last year during the pilot phase.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Main Street Arkansas Update - Novembe 19, 2007

November 19 – 23, 2007 Staff Calendar
Monday Cary, off
Tuesday Cary, off
Wednesday Cary, off; Mark & Nancy - Dumas
Thursday Happy Thanksgiving
Friday Office Closed

Congratulations to South Main (SoMa) and Main Street Helena on their receipt of an AT&T Technology grant.

SoMa Press
Eureka Springs First Impressions Press
Texarkana Video
Southern Literary Trail
NLR Press
Arkansas Living Treasure Nominations Open
Conservation Leadership Awards

SoMa Press Coverage:
- note: you can both read & watch the TV spot from this link

Eureka Springs MSA First Impressions Press

Texarkana Video (note: launches external video player)
- 5:04 into the video there’s a section on the downtown revitalization of Texarkana. You’ll see Bethany & Anita. There’s a mention of Texarkana being in the Main Street program.

Southern Literary Trail
Arkansas, sadly, is not a part of this trail despite our ties to Maya Angelou, Donald Harrington, Charles Portis and others.
This article highlights the regional efforts of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.
Regionalism is something we need to focus more on in Main Street.

NLR Mill Closing May Change Downtown Skyline

NLR Leaders Trip to Downtown Memphis
Kane Webb reports on meeting with Henry Turley. Those who attended last week’s Upstairs Downtown remember our speaker discussing Mr. Turley’s work on a pre-smart growth housing project on Mud Island.

Arkansas Living Treasure Nomination Forms Now Available
The nomination forms for the 2008 Arkansas Living Treasure are now available. This award is presented in recognition of an Arkansan who is outstanding in the creation of a traditional craft and has significantly contributed to the preservation of the art form.

The nomination form is available at or contact Sally A. Williams, artists services manager, at (501) 324-9348 or email . Deadline for nominations is Friday, December 14, 2007.

Community members are encouraged by the Arts Council to identify outstanding crafts artists who live or work in their community. An independent panel of practicing craft artists will meet in Little Rock to review submitted materials and select the recipient. The panelists weigh the following criteria in order to make their selection: quality of work, community outreach and total contribution to the field of traditional crafts. The recipient will be honored in May during Arkansas Heritage Month.

New Deadline for County Conservation Leadership Awards

Submit Applications by December 5

The Trust for Public Land (TPL) and the National Association of Counties (NACo) are now accepting applications for the fourth annual County Leadership in Conservation Awards. The awards recognize leadership, innovation, and excellence by forward-thinking county leaders in local land conservation.

Successful programs will be judged on the basis of:

* Innovation
* Financing Mechanisms
* Visioning and Planning
* Diversity and Strength of Partnerships
* Acquisition and/or Implementation Excellence
* Generating Public Awareness and Support
* Program Management

The Awards help NACo and TPL recognize innovative counties making great strides in local land conservation and help generate publicity for these groundbreaking efforts. Bringing recognition to the county's program, and providing "best practice" examples for county and other local officials to design landmark conservation programs across the country are the main goals of the Awards.

Access the Application Form for more information and to apply electronically. The extended deadline for submissions is December 5, 2007.

Award winners will be recognized at NACo's Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. in March 2008.

More information about awards categories and criteria.
Read more about the 2007 County Leadership in Conservation Award winners

For more information contact

Trust for Public Land Home
Copyright 2007 - The Trust for Public Land
116 New Montgomery Street, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Main Street Arkansas Update - November 12, 2007

November 12-17

Monday - Cary, DeWitt – office closed, Veteran’s Day

Tuesday - Cary – West Memphis; Greg & Caroline – Texarkana

Wednesday - Cary - Osceola

Thursday - Cary – Blytheville

Friday – Cary – off

DAH just opened a new one time grant program made possible by appropriation from the General Assembly. Up to $25,000 no match requirements. Municipalities, historical societies, museums, art centers, and non-profit organizations will be eligible for this money. If you know of anyone that may benefit is the link It will be very competitive only $600,000 available to a broad range of applicants and projects. The deadline to apply is January 14, 2008.


LR to Host National Trail Symposium

Growing City Will Decide if Big-box Retail Can Move In

Land Bank

Rap About the City You Love

Good Hardy Press

Grant Opportunity


Little Rock Selected to Host National Trail Symposium

Little Rock has been chosen to host the 2008 National Trail Symposium next November. The symposium, scheduled for Nov. 15-18, 2008, is slated to address issues of trails and greenways nationwide with dozens of speakers covering the top topics in the field. For those interested in being a part of the special event, volunteer opportunities are currently available for the planning and execution of the symposium. Sponsor and donor opportunities are also available. For more information, contact Terry Eastin at (479) 236-0938 or symposium is being presented by American Trails, a nonprofit organization that works to enhance and protect America's network of interconnected trails. More details are available at

Growing City Will Decide if Big-box Retail Can Move In

Land Bank

A Little Rock ordinance has been drafted that would establish a city land bank to hold abandoned and neglected properties for later sale to developers. The ordinance, which will be sent to the City Board by the Community Housing Advisory Board, takes advantage of a law passed by the General Assembly that allows the state Land Commissioner to donate to cities tax-delinquent properties held for a year. The land bank could also take possession of properties the city has liens against.

Little Rock had 800 properties identified as unsafe and vacant last year, Housing and Neighborhood Programs Director Andre Bernard said. A work group will meet at 9 a.m. Nov. 9 at the Willie Hinton Neighborhood Resource Center to give the draft, which creates the land bank commission and rules on acquiring property, the once-over before the advisory board presents it.

Rap About the City You Love

Good Hardy Press

Grant Opportunity

National Leadership Grants support projects that have the potential to elevate museum and library practice. The Institute seeks to advance the ability of museums and libraries to preserve culture, heritage, and knowledge while enhancing learning.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Main Street Arkansas Update - October 29

October 29 – November 2

Wednesday - Susan, Batesville – window display
Thursday - Susan, Batesville – window display
Friday –

From Parks & Tourism
Arkansas Festivals Grant
The Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism is now accepting applications for the Arkansas Festivals Grant. Applications for the grant must be the fiscal agent of the festival applicant and must be incorporated in the State of Arkansas. Festivals in existence for one year or more may make application for and qualify for funds under this program. Only capital improvement projects for a festival can be funded through this program. Applicants may apply for a minimum of $5,000 up to a maximum of $35,000. The deadline for receipt of applications is 5:00 p.m. on December 17, 2007.

If you have questions, please contact the Tourism Development Section at 501.682.5240 or email

NLR Times Pro Main Street Editorial
Argenta Street Beat Photos
Ballparks & Neighborhoods Article
Grant Opportunities
America Unchained!
Fundraising Training
Arkansas Grants Training – CDBG & Other state provided/issued funds
NLR Times Editorial: Breathing New Life Into Downtown

Pictures from the Argenta Street Beat

Home-Plate Home: Ballparks Attract Condos

- we certainly see this in NLR. It will be interesting to see if this occurs near the new ballpark in Springfield, AR.


National Endowment for the Humanities
America's Historical and Cultural Organizations Planning Grants Grant

National Endowment for the Humanities
America's Historical and Cultural Organizations Implementation Grants Grant

Institute of Museum and Library Services Museum Grants for African American History and Culture Grant

America Unchained!
Shop independent businesses on Saturday November 17, 2007
The American Independent Business Alliance invites your organization to participate in this growing national campaign that urges communities to unchain themselves (to shop only at locally owned independent businesses) for just one day.
America Unchained! puts the focus on community economics by helping citizens recognize the economic benefit of local, independent businesses and think about the impact of where they choose to spend their dollars, not only for the upcoming holiday season, but every day.

Begun in 2003 by the Austin Independent Business Alliance (AIBA), Austin Unchained was a huge success. AIBA calculated the amount of money the local economy would gain if every citizen shopped at only locally owned businesses for one day. The number was stunning and grabbed the attention of both Austinites and local government. AIBA generated substantial local media exposure to drum up community support and participation. Through their posters, flyers, and t-shirts, word spread and the community joined in to inject millions into Austin’s economy.

AMIBA conducted the campaign nationally for the first time in 2004 with great success. Unchained is a “media darling” for its edginess and proximity to the holiday shopping season.

AMIBA provides templates for posters, a logo, button designs, press releases, and more for your use. Participants register at . Registration gains them access to a library of campaign support materials and places them on a list that is provided to the media. Visit for more information.
Trends in Philanthropy: Key Factors for Success in the Next Decade

Have You Identified Your Million Dollar Donors? A panel presentation by experts in development sharing successful case studies

Wednesday, October 31, 2007, 11:00 am-1:30 pm
The Little Rock Chamber of Commerce 200 East Markham
$15 for members of ACE and Little Rock Chamber of Commerce; $20 for Nonmembers to register
Lunch provided with registration fee

Arkansas Grants Workshops

This is an application workshop on the procedures for applying for grants from the Community Resource Group, the Arkansas Department of Rural Services, Arkansas Economic Development Commission and the US Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Community Facilities Program

Tuesday, October 30 10:00 am Darragh Center, Little Rock

Thursday, November 8 1:00 pm North Arkansas Telephone Company 301 East Main, Flippin

Tuesday, November 13 10:00 am, Board of Directors Room, El Dorado Chamber of Commerce, 111 West Main, El Dorado

Monday, October 15, 2007

Main Street Arkanasas Update - October 15, 2007

Congratulations to Missy McSwain, longtime AHPP Federal Programs Manger on becoming the new Director of the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program. She’ll take over upon Ken Grunewald’s retirement, November 1.

October 15-19

Susan: Tuesday – Friday, Traditional Buildings Conference, New Orleans

Monday - Cary, public hearing for Confinement Camps congressional grants program, UALR
Tuesday - Greg – Batesville
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday –

Sunday – Cary, Caroline & Susan – ArtLinks in Rogers.

YouTube Launches Nonprofit Program
Main Street in the Media
Milken Institute 2007 Best Performing Cities Index
Various Articles related to our work – couple of real good ones, please take a look
Grant Opportunities
America's Promise Alliance Launches 2008 100 Best Communities for Young People Competition
YouTube Launches Nonprofit Program

Check out the press release announcing the launch of the YouTube Nonprofit Program!
YouTube’s 2007/2008 Clinton Global Initiative commitment enables nonprofit organizations (in the U.S. those with 501c3 tax filing status) that register for the YouTube Nonprofit Program to receive a free nonprofit specific YouTube channel where they can upload footage of their work, public service announcements, calls to action and more.
YouTube Nonprofit Program participants will receive:
• A premium channel on YouTube that serves as a nonprofit’s hub for their uploaded videos. Through the channel, people can connect with a nonprofit via messages, subscriptions, comments and more. Nonprofits will also receive enhanced channel branding features and increased upload capacity.
• Designation as a "Nonprofit" on YouTube that clearly identifies organizations as a nonprofit for YouTube community.
• The ability to embed a Google Checkout donation button on their channel and video watch pages, allowing people to quickly and securely make a contribution directly from YouTube. Starting today, nonprofits who offer Google Checkout for Non-Profits as a donation option -- whether through YouTube or on their own sites -- will receive 100 percent of donated funds, as Google has committed to processing all donations for free through at least the end of 2008.
• In the coming months, nonprofit channels will have a centralized area on YouTube, making them and their videos more easily discoverable.

Nonprofits can apply for a nonprofit channel type by going to and filling out a short application which will be processed by their grants team.
Texarkana Press

also, you can see some photos from this weekend’s Blue & BBQ at

Pro Main Street Harrison Editorial:

Argenta Street Beat Press:

MSA & RHDI Press:

Forrest City & Main Street:

Milken Institute 2007 Best Performing Cities Index

#21 Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers (down from #8 last year)
#72 Little Rock-NLR- Conway (up from #94 last year)
#103 Fort Smith (up from #154 last year)
#141 Memphis (includes the West Memphis area, up from #159 last year)

The Best Performing Cities Index is outcomes-based. Its components measure job, wage and salary, and technology growth. The Index ranks U.S. metros based on their ability to create and sustain jobs. It includes both long-term (five years) and short-term (one year) measurements of employment and salary growth. There are also four measurements of technology output growth, which are included because of technology’s crucial role in regional economic growth.

Some would note this index is based upon “trailing” indicators, as opposed to market “leading” indicators. Important differences.

$5.4 million to be spent on marketing Arkansas in Spring & Summer 2008

Wal-Mart Era Wanes Amid Big Shifts in Retail
Rivals Find Strategies To Defeat Low Prices; World Has Changed

Sky's the new limit for urban living in Texas, and beyond

Small Farmers in AR Cultivating the Tourist Trade – AgriTourism in Arkansas

Looking for evidence that what we do is taking hold? Developers are about to tear down University Mall in LR & develop a shopping area with “a Main Street feel” “It’ll be a Main Street-type look, said Jim Strode, the center’s developer.

Remembering the Plantation Inn in West Memphis

Grant Opportunity:
250-500 word pre-proposal for the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training’s 2008 call for proposals can be submitted here:
NCPTT’s grants program supports innovative projects in architecture, historic landscapes, archeology and materials conservation. Projects are funded up to $50,000.

AT&T Foundation Announces Wireless Technology Grant Program

Deadline: October 19, 2007

The AT&T Foundation ( ), the corporate philanthropy organization of AT&T Inc. ( ), has announced a $1.5 million competitive grant program to help nonprofits integrate wireless communications technology into educational outreach projects. Open to 501(c)(3) public charities and government instrumentalities across the United States, the program will help nonprofits deliver educational content and enhance learning opportunities in the communities they serve.

The AT&T Foundation will award one-time, education-focused, wireless technology grants ranging from $2,500 to $25,000 each for wireless applications and hardware. Examples of eligible projects include the enrichment of museum visits through the development of audio and video content accessible from visitors' mobile phones; the creation of AT&T Wi-FiSM hot spots for students and community members; the development of educational curriculum designed to be accessed from wireless devices; delivering supple- mental educational content via mobile phone calls, text messages, and/or Multimedia Messaging Service; and the development of community education podcasts.

To qualify for a grant, organizations must utilize the funds for projects that enhance the delivery of education through wireless technology in settings that engage youth and adults in life-long learning. Additionally, 51 percent or more of the project must target underserved populations, including racial and ethnic groups, low-income populations, seniors, youth, and/or people with disabilities.

Interested organizations can apply by downloading a copy of the Request for Proposals at the AT&T Foundation Web site.

America's Promise Alliance Launches 2008 100 Best Communities for Young People Competition
Deadline: November 2, 2007

The America's Promise Alliance ( ) and Capital One ( ) have announced the launch of the 2008 100 Best Communities for Young People Competition with an official call for entries from communities across the United States that are the best places for young people to live and grow up. Winners will range from large urban cities to small rural towns.
The winning communities will be announced in late January 2008.

In addition to the possibility of becoming a 100 Best Community, all applicants will be eligible to apply for a total of $300,000 in grants from the alliance. (Applications for the 2008 grant program will be accepted in early February 2008.)

Winning communities will be featured prominently on the alliance’s website, in the alliance's weekly newsletter, and as part of national and local media materials. They will also be given the opportunity to participate in the Alliance's Regional Best Practice Forums, where their programs and policies will serve as a model for other cities and towns across the country. Furthermore, all winning communities are invited and provided a partial stipend to attend the Alliance's National Forum and Celebration held every fall in Washington, D.C.

From the Arkansas Coalition for Excellence:
The deadline for applications for the My Risk Management Plan online tool is Wednesday, Oct. 17. This program allows your organization to create a customized risk management plan according to your needs, priorities and culture. It takes you step-by-step thought the process of creating your plan, allowing the opportunity to either select from template language or insert your own language.
If your organization is interested, please complete the attached application by Oct. 17th and fax or mail back to us.
ACE Fax: (501) 324-2236
ACE Mailing Address: 200 South Commerce St., Suite 100
Little Rock, AR 72201

Monday, October 8, 2007

Main Street Arkansas Update - October 8, 2007

October 8-12

Monday- Greg & Mark –Harrison - Interviews
Tuesday- Cary out – funeral
Wednesday- Mark, Susan & Caroline- Batesville
Thursday- Mark- Blytheville


Pro Main Street Harrison Editorial: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ

Downtown Hardy featured in At Home in Arkansas’s October Issue

Paragould Mayor Mike Gaskill featured in the Municipal League’s October City & Town

Downtown Batesville editorialized in Batesville Daily Guard. Visit:

MS Rogers received $10,000 from Tyson to go towards pocket park planning

Congratulations to Arc of Arkansas for receiving an honor award at the National Trust for Historic Preservation conference last week.





DeltaMade extra entrepreneur-friendly:

RHDI’s newly launched DeltaMade brands and promotes Arkansas delta products through creative marketing and advertising efforts. The program will provide its members access to the technical and educational services that are so vital to successful small businesses. Visit and shop their week-old website, which features official DeltaMade products and merchants in the region who carry DeltaMade wares.

On a similar but more extensive note, check out the Arkansas Creative Economy Project, for a comprehensive look into Arkansas’s creative forefront. The link is:


Beauty and Blight

[Kane Webb questions Little Rock downtown development prospects, specifically properties owned by Stephens and the LR housing market.]


Community development is so much more.

Last week’s UCDS conference at UCA shed light on the intensive collaborative efforts behind healthy, viable communities. As conference speakers noted, healthy communities mean smart design, accessibility, and affordability. Of special note at the conference were the following groups and projects in Arkansas:

ACHANGE, which stands for Arkansas Coalition of Housing and Neighborhood Growth for Empowerment (the founders happily admit the acronym came first) is an effort to create safe, decent, and affordable housing for communities all over Arkansas. Visit their web site:

Related, visit UA’s School of Architecture web site to learn about the Universal Design Project, one of few such projects in the nation that incorporates handicap accessibility, affordability, and beauty in community housing. See; and UA architect Kory Smith’s web site to see his universal design concepts in 3-D:

The Arc Arkansas, an early advocate of UA’s universal design, has collaborated with UA’s architects on award-winning renovation projects. Visit them at:


The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks likely to benefit NW region

The opening of the Garden of the Ozarks last week in NW Arkansas attracted hundreds of visitors, some 90 percent of whom were new to the area. For the full story, visit:


Is Wal-Mart Saving the Earth?

Decide for yourself. The big box retailer credited with spreading strip malls like plagues may be simultaneously leading the corporate world in eco-conscious business practices. For recent local and national coverage see: and

Southside Main presents first Art & Antiques show this Saturday

Come support local Southside Main Street’s first public event this weekend. Hidden Treasures on South Main,” will feature locally produced fine art, crafts, and antiques and bike tours of the Quapaw neighborhood. The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the historic original city near the Governor’s Mansion on South Main between 13th and 15th streets, which will be closed to traffic.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Main Street Arkansas Update - October 1, 2007

October 1-5

Cary out all week at the National Trust conference

Monday - Mark & Susan – Texarkana
Tuesday - Mark & Susan - Texarkana
Wednesday - all staff – Community Development Society Conference - Conway
Thursday - Greg, Nancy & Mark – Hardy – 4-Point Training
Friday – Susan, off

A Few Lessons Learned In El Dorado. Seriously.
this is a great piece on downtown El Dorado. I encourage you to read it.
This is where we’ll first post the pdf’s of the presenter’s presentations. But for now enjoy a little video from a production of Steel Magnolia’s I shot during the tour of the historic cemetery.

Check out the new Main Street West Memphis website at

Congratulations to the AHPP & Boyd Maher for their $150,000 Preserve America grant. It will be used for preservation planning & heritage tourism related purposes.

Through a Lens, Darkly¤tPage=all

Revitalization Planning Guide Released
The Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) recently released “Commercial Revitalization Planning Guide” as a resource to help plan and implement commercial corridor revitalization programs. Fore more information about the guide, visit

Community Learning Tool for Rural Leaders
The Southern Rural Development Initiative (SRDI) and the Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI) launched a Federal Funds Analysis Database to help rural leaders easily compare their community needs to actual federal resources. Learn more about the database and the type of information it yields at

SRDC Report Proposes a Bold Plan for Entrepreneurial Development in Southern States
The Southern Rural Development Center (SRDC) recently published "Blueprint for the Rural South: Discovering New Ideas, Applying New Strategies," a report on their findings from more than one year of meetings and interviews with nearly 600 people from many Southern states. The report calls for investment in three areas: (1) education and workforce development, (2) economic/ sustainable development, and (3) leadership and citizen participation. To view the full report visit

Historic McDonald’s Sign to Stay in Pine Bluff

NLR City Council OKs 4 TIFs Downtown
- subscriber only, sorry
If you want to watch a fun discussion about TIF’s, check out the archived city council meeting here: It’s the September 24 meeting.

December 1, 2007: Conservation Assessment Program. Museums with small to mid-sized collections are eligible to receive professional assessments of the museum's collection and environmental conditions. Museums with buildings more than 50 years old may receive the services of an architectural assessor. The services are available to eligible museums on a first come, first served basis. Applications will be available on October 5, 2007. To request an application call 202-233-0800 or e-mail The application will also be available for download at

National Publication Touts Helena-West Helena as City with 'Smart Growth'

KIPP School raises test scores, stimulates economic development in rural Arkansas
Smart Growth

The editorial appeared in the August 4, 2007 edition of the publication and was written by Arkansas editorialist Kane Webb of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, specifically opining the impact that the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) School has had on the city. He outlines the details of the school, its success rate, as well as how the school is expected to transform the downtown area while catalyzing economic development. To preview the article, click on the following link: (subscriber only link) or for all to read free [can’t wait until Mr. Murdoch drops the pay wall at]

Statue of The Fonz Planned for Milwaukee

A nonprofit group called Visit Milwaukee is hoping to raise $85,000 to build a life-size bronze statue of Henry Winkler's famous "Happy Days" character. So far, the group has raised $45,000 with a goal of unveiling the statue next year.

My question to you is: who might be worthy of a statue that could promote tourism in your community. My work on a Mary Steenburgen & Joey Lauren Adams statue for my hometown of North Little Rock begins today. 

Scientists: Rising Seas Will Flood Historic Sites

More on the Extension of the Blytheville $0.01 Sales Tax

Important Main Street Harrison story

Monday, September 24, 2007

Main Street Arkansas Update - September 24, 2007

September 24-28

Monday - Mark, Susan, Greg - out
Tuesday - Susan & Greg - out
Wednesday - Greg - out
Thursday -
Friday – Cary, Susan & Caroline – Lakeport

It’s a time of change here at the AHPP. Our long-time director Ken Grunewald’s last day is October 31. Additionally, Elizabeth Blackwell, our Education Outreach Coordinator is moving to Denver next week to work for the Colorado Historical Society. Of course, her husband, Chad Blackwell, Executive Director of the Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas will follow, so we’re losing him too. We’re deeply saddened by all of the departures but wish each of them luck in their next endeavors.

Destination Downtown

So good to see those of you who could make it to the conference in Natchitoches. We had a strong turnout. The sessions were excellent and the evening events were extraordinary, including an incredible fireworks show put on by the city of Natchitoches just for conference attendees. Thanks to our good friends in Louisiana for all their hard work. Next year’s conference is scheduled for October on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

File Size Limitation

DAH has instituted a 1.2 MB file size limitation on all emails. So, if you try to send us an email with an attachment larger, it will be rejected. We will begin using to send emails larger than 1.2 MB or we will take advantage of the DAH FTP (file transfer protocol) site in certain cases.

Personnel Policies

Last weeks e-blast mentioned an issue with a non-profit relating to their personnel policies. I noted that this would be a good time to check to ensure yours are up to date. Our friend, Stephanie Redman, with New Mexico Main Street, points out that has a good policy guideline documents. They offer several electronic documents on this topic, including a general brief, as well as papers on performance review, EEO, sexual harassment, and workplace environment available for $8. Also, I have a template I can send you at no charge. The boardsource pieces have probably been vetted a little more, so it might be worth your $8 investment.

If you haven’t checked out our blog in a while, please do. I’ve updated it with pictures from Destination Downtown, as well adding video by uploading the TV commercial for El Dorado’s MusicFest. I did all of this in about 20 minutes, exponentially quicker than it takes to have a full-fledged website updated. Something to consider.


New Life, New Hope

Nice piece in Tuesday’s D-G. It addresses the economic impact of historic preservation, Main Street, the RHDI, Lakeport and many other areas relevant to our work. The work of ARC is noted, and it’s made public that they will receive an Honor Award at the upcoming National Trust Conference in St. Paul.

Preservation Alliance says tax credits help economy

Antebellum Home Gets Fresh Start as a Museum

1859 Lakeport Plantation Restored to be a Delta Attraction
Nice mention of the RHDI in this piece

Arkansas Tourism Looking Good (Joe David Rice Commentary)

3rd Times a Charm for Sale of Downtown NLR Property

TIFs for Downtown NLR
and the predictable discord from the school district

9 County Area Dreams for a New Dawn

The nine counties are: Jefferson, Arkansas, Desha, Chicot, Bradley, Ashley, Lincoln, Drew and Cleveland.

High Profile: John Greer

John is one of Arkansas’s finest preservation architects. He’s a former Chair of the Little Rock HDC.

Looking to increase the presence of art in you downtown? Check out the storm drain art here:

A web-based floor planning application that creates complex layouts for any room in your home

The Geography of Flavor


A full day nature tourism workshop will be hosted October 27, 2007, 8:30 am – 3:30 pm, at the Brinkley Convention Center in Brinkley by Audubon Arkansas, the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The workshop is designed to provide expertise, resources and information for landowners, farmers, and small business owners interested in developing or expanding businesses to offer natural and cultural tourism.

Speakers will include Marla Johnson, CEO of Aristotle, Inc.; Jody Pagan, wildlife biologist for Five Oaks Wildlife Services in DeWitt; Harrison Pittman, director of the National Agricultural Law Center at the University of Arkansas School of Law; Dr. Dan Scheiman, Audubon's director of bird conservation; David Long of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission; and Allen Stanley of the Arkansas Small Business Development Center.

The afternoon “Resource Buffet” will offer business owners, landowners and civic leaders an opportunity to meet one on one with the morning’s speakers. Topics for discussion will build on the morning’s offerings and include funding, habitat management, regional tourism opportunities, legal concerns, marketing options, business plans and business development.

The workshop fee is only $20, or $30 per couple, and includes lunch and a workshop resource manual. Students are no charge, but luncheon reservations are required. Reservations and payment are being received at the Monroe County Cooperative Extension Office. Call 870-747-3397 for reservations.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Main Street Arkansas Update - September 17, 2007

September 17-21

Monday - Destination Downtown

Tuesday - Destination Downtown

Wednesday - Destination Downtown

Thursday - Caroline & Mark - Sheridan: Arkansas Downtown
Network Presentation. Cary, out

Friday - Cary, out

We're saddened to report that Melvin Schexnayder, husband of long time
MSA Advisory Board member, Ms. Charlotte Schexnayder died Wednesday.
Please keep their family in your thoughts during this difficult time.

If you'd like to send a note to the family and don't have their address,
please let me know and I will pass it along to you.

All programs requiring mini-grant reviews by MSA should now send their
projects directly to me.

Corky Keating has left Main Street Osceola. We're working with MSO on
their next course of action.

Fayetteville Downtown Partnership Folds Due to Lack of Funding

they will try to operate as a volunteer staffed organization

Lots of lessons about diversity of funding to be learned from this.

The citizens of Blytheville passed a quarter-cent sales tax Tuesday. By
all accounts, downtown will see some of the benefits of the increased
revenue including continued renovation work on the Greyhound Bus














The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program staff is preparing to update
the five-year statewide comprehensive preservation plan and we want to
hear from you. An opinion survey will be available on our website until
September 30, 2007. It is vitally important that our constituents'
opinions be fully and accurately reflected in the goals and objectives
that will guide program decisions through 2012.

Please take a few moments to visit the website and complete the survey
at and share your
thoughts with us. If you need additional information or you prefer that
a hard copy be mailed to you, please contact Mona Hughes at (501)
324-9783 or by email at

Community Development Society to hold annual conference in October

Little Rock, AR - The Arkansas Community Development Society's annual
conference is scheduled for October 3 at the Brewer-Hegeman Conference
Center on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas in Conway.

This year's theme is "Developing Partnerships for Community

Gov. Mike Beebe has been invited to deliver the keynote address. Maria
Luisa M. Haley, executive director of the Arkansas Economic Development
Commission, is also scheduled to speak.

Several regional leaders will share their experiences in partnerships,
and panels will address partnerships in education, health care, housing,
tourism, marketing and entrepreneurship.

The Arkansas community Development Society is a nonprofit professional
organization whose purpose is to advance community development and the
community development profession in Arkansas. Members include
professionals in education, health care, social services, state and
local government, utilities and economic development as well as
community volunteers and civic organizations.

Registration is $45 in advance and $60 after Sept. 28. The registration
fee includes lunch and membership in the Arkansas Community Development

For registration information, contact Mary Ellen Klotz at 501-450-5372.
For additional information on the conference, you may also call Dr. Mark
Peterson, ACDS president, at (501) 671-2072 or Basil Julian, vice
president for programs, at (501) 682-7392.

KASU Blue Monday - Paragould

KASU presents William Lee Ellis at the next Blue Monday-Paragould on
September 17th from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Brittny's Steakhouse in downtown

Good Russellville Press for the Window Display Workshop:

Main Street Texarkana Grant Press:


From Delta Byways and Arkansas Parks & Tourism

The opening festivities for Lakeport Plantation> in Lake
Village <> willbe held Sept. 28-30. Lakeport Plantation, the last remaining antebellum home on the Mississippi River in Arkansas that has not been destroyed or altered significantly, is considered one of Arkansas's foremost historic house sites. The three-day event will feature discussions by those involved in the restoration of Lakeport, tours of the house and other facilities, a plantation luncheon, a restoration demonstration and many other activities. The opening ceremonies will take place on Friday, September 28. Lakeport Plantation is an Arkansas State University Heritage Site. All activities are open to the public but pre-registration is required. For more information, call (870) 972-2803.

National Geographic Conservation Trust Grants

The Conservation Trust supports conservation activities that contribute
significantly to the preservation and sustainable use of the Earth's
biological, cultural, and historical resources and fit within the
mission of the National Geographic Society. Grant amounts vary, but
generally are in the $15,000 - $20,000 range. Open applications - no

Judge says Argenta CDC should release documents relating to Executive Director's firing under FOI

subscriber only, sorry

Important quotes:

"Ficklin sued the Argenta group Sept. 4 to prevent it from releasing the report to the North Little Rock Times, which filed a Freedom of Information request"

"Ficklin is considering a wrongful-termination lawsuit against the Argenta group."


They have a corporate Human Resource Policy (pg. 1 AG's opinion). The policy was allegedly violated in this case. Does your group have a formally adopted policy?

Consider this your reminder about D&O insurance for your organization.

Green Valley In Wal-Mart's Back Yard

Start-Ups Set Out to Sustain Giant's Eco-Friendly Focus

nice article about Fayetteville in the Post. Thanks to Betsy McGuire for pointing this out.

CRA Manual

The National Community Redevelopment Coalition has updated their Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) manual. It's available for free download in pdf format here: